Sunday, October 9, 2011

I thought I'd never allow it...

As I write this, my girls are watching a Barbie movie.  UCK!  I was thinking about how pre-children, especially pre-girls-influenced-by-other-girls, I thought I'd never let them have Barbies, much less 10, much less watch Barbie movies.  If we had a bigger house they might even have a Barbie house with a Barbie car parked out front.  With 2 scantily clad Barbies who have perky, big breasts compared to their skinny, tiny waists, tucked inside.

And here we are.  Why did I abandon my principles?  How did I get over my disgust of Barbie enough to let her and some of her closest pals move inside my house?!  It happened slowly I guess.

Another I-thought-I'd-never is Spongebob.  The girls saw a show playing on the tv somewhere - I forget where, maybe a dentist's office or something - and they cracked up.  A lot.  Which made me crack up.  So I let them watch a show once in a while, saying "Remember girls, we don't talk like that..." when Spongebob would say 'stupid' or other offensive comments.  Recently, I have said no to them watching that particular show at all, because I thought I could actually hear their brain cells dying.

For now, Barbie has a home here.  And Ken.  What happened to Skipper, wasn't she Barbie's right hand girl?  Anyway, I think most parents have relented on a thing or two.  What has been yours?

My pretty pretties, at Easter.  The Easter bunny gave them a Barbie.


  1. A group of us were discussing the barbie thing a couple summers ago and oneof my friends pointed out, "you know, barbie did pretty well for herself. There are definitely worse things." plus the movies actually are really good! Which one did they get?

  2. Feeding frozen chicken nuggets! Ahhh! Sometimes they're just so much easier to fix for lunch or supper. I always said I would never feed my kids pre-packaged or frozen foods and meals. But I find myself doing it basically everyday.