Friday, February 21, 2014

an apology that goes nowhere

Sorry friends.  I am really inconsistent with this blog.  I could promise to update more often, but like my desire to cut out carbs, that will probably not happen any time soon.  BUT I do hope life settles down for me in a few months - I have hope that it will and no, we're not farming out our kids elsewhere, they'll remain in my care until they marry and move across the street - what was I going to say I forget.  Thinking about my kids ever moving out puts a fog across my brain.

So what have you guys been up to?  Snow shoveling?  Snowmen? know the kind...where one kid gets another kid wet in the face and everyone comes inside crying?  Never-ending laundry from wet snowsuits and a million outfit changes because the kids have been home it feels since CHRISTMAS?  Managing sibling stress, managing your job, managing to keep your sanity?

Yeah me too.  I don't know about you, but since Christmas I have felt one step behind.  You'd think that with the extra snow days and time at home I'd feel ahead of the game.  In fact, a teacher at my girls' school commented that she had nothing (said with great zeal) left to organize in her house after being trapped at home.  My house now needs EXTRA organizing after these last 2 months!  I wish we were buddies I could invite the Bored Teacher over for some organizing fun.

Oh well it's no matter really.

So what else...well Bailey had a check up a few weeks ago and got a great report!  Despite having a cold her lung health is continuing to improve after The Great Decline of 2013.  Aka hell.  We are SO thankful, so very very thankful.  The Great Decline deepened my appreciation of how healthy she has been all these years, and my desire to find ways to keep her healthy.  So actually I became a Young Living Essential Oils distributor.  I only became one to get our oils cheaper, but I have been thinking maybe I will try to share what I will learn with others and perhaps have a teeny tiny business out of it.

We'll see.  That may fall under the heading "Just Like Cutting Out Carbs" and go nowhere also.  But I DO follow through with some things, I do!  I have maintained perfect attendance for every single episode of Parenthood.  I faithfully show up for as many girls nights out as I can.  I peruse facebook  Just so you don't think I'm a slacker.

Ok kids, I'm committing to another blog entry next week.  Should I write about the puberty movie I had to watch last night that Bailey will see at school in a few months?  I had to take notes.  And I will now need therapy.  (Can someone please freeze time so I don't have to face this stuff?)  Or should I write what I think about Selena's rehab?  (spoiler - I don't believe it and I wish I could invite her for dinner but for some reason she didn't give me her cell number).  How about I tell you that I have returned to couponing and for my grocery bill yesterday I saved over $100 and spent $87, plus getting $15 in coupons to use next week?   Well I just told you the whole thing so that's out.   Hmmm...what else can I talk about...

I'll think of something and meet you back here next week.  xoxo

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