Tuesday, March 31, 2009

another day in the life

A typical day of both joy and hardship. Every morning I face a battle of my selfishness vs what's best for my girls -- for Bailey sometimes it's doing a treatment, for Taylor it means getting ready fast so she doesn't get bored, which equals disaster. All i want to do is drink my coffee!!! Some mornings are snugglefests, singing and healthy breakfasts, but many others are tantrums and chocolate chip cereal bars. I am reading 'The Relationship Principles of Jesus' (along with a million other books simutaneously so let's see if i can keep them straight) and the author (Tom Holladay) says your dearest priorities are what you think about first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. hmmm - my weight, mommy guilt, fears...not good. Callin' on Jesus - Bring me JOY Lord.

Today i am thankful the girls got to play at Pump It Up with their friends and i with my MOPS moms; i am thankful that the weather is beautiful; i am thankful that my husband is dear and surprised me with 7-11 coffee (no, i didn't get to drink most of it until in the car, reheated 5x but that's not the point); i am thankful we are on the right track. Truthfully, i am thankful for many, many things. But i get bogged down with the other STUFF, that allows me to lose the FEELING of thankfulness, and i don't like it.

A prayer request - therapy with Taylor today went well, besides for the concern that Taylor's noises that she sometimes makes are ticks. Tears sprang to my eyes and i said, really, one MORE thing? She assured me she doesn't think it's Tourettes, as Taylor doesn't have body movements along with the noises, and she can stop them - albeit with a tantrum, if i tell her to stop and she doesn't want to. i don't know what to think and only time will tell, as she is only 3 1/2 and it's hard to know what's play and what's, well... anyway. CALLIN' ON JESUS FOR HEALING FOR MY PRECIOUS TATIE TOT.

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