Friday, April 3, 2009

It's getting better...

So the last few days have been interesting...a few highlights (or lowlights too) :

wed evening i went to a seminar at Sensational Kids, and learned more about Sensory Disorders.  Although Taylor hasn't been "medically diagnosed" yet we are certain this is what she has.  A therapist talked about how when children are on a sensory diet (not to do with food) they are more balanced and can handle life i decided to start her "diet" with a therapeutic massage every morning, in the hope it would calm her better for her day.  Well thursday i did this, 45 min worth, and she had a FABULOUS day.  Not ONE meltdown!  Today she did not consent to her massage, but still had a pretty good day - i was thankful, esp because we began her day at the ear-nose-throat specialist.  she had to have a long tube put through her nose down her throat, which was horrific but 3 hashbrowns for McD's later she recovered from the emotional trauma.  The Dr said her constant nose mucus, coughing, and raspy voice (and here she is NOT the CF kid) could be allergies, the fact that she's screamed since birth, etc.  we're waiting on the allergist appt next week to know more.  trying to get T all fixed up and acclimated to planet earth.

Bailey melts my heart every day.  she is such a good big sister, her heart couldn't be any bigger.  today taylor wanted bailey's outfit ad bailey literally took the clothes off her back and said "of course sweetheart, i want you to have them!"  bailey also sobbed when i smacked taylor's hand and disciplined her for telling me to shut up ( a phrase she keeps trying out) and said i was breaking her heart disciplining taylor.  She also got a great report from school, which i always love to hear.

the lowlight - last night kevin met us at the mall after work for dinner and easter bunny fun...he was white as a ghost and could hardly walk and talk his lower stomach hurt so badly.  He ended up in the ER until 3am  to find out nothing's wrong - i think we actually prayed out a kidney stone.  i was scared, i love him terribly.

that's it for now - oh and tonight, family dinner at prospectors, my mom and kevin's family...a rainbow, big and beautiful on the way home.  Thank you God.

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