Tuesday, September 10, 2013

through their eyes

There I am folks, no make-up and I look like I have a man's haircut but it's just really pulled back in my standard issue ponytail.  My eyes have disappeared it appears, and one boob looks lower than the other.  Perhaps it's the side both my girls favored when they nursed, who knows it's been a million years.

Oh, you weren't looking that closely to notice the hang-age of my boobs?

That's exactly my point.  We are so hard on ourselves, aren't we?

My daughter Taylor is a tough cookie but for some reason, she repeatedly says things to me like, "you're so pretty mommy" and "you're my favorite looker, mommy".  She loves snuggling with me and resting her hand against my tummy...yes, probably because the softness soothes her with her sensory issues.

Sometimes when I get really down about how I look, I try to see myself through her eyes, and it renews my gratitude for all I have.

If you are feeling down today, think of someone who loves you and try to look at yourself through their eyes.  It will make you feel better I promise!

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