Sunday, October 6, 2013

Eight is enough.

Eight years ago at this time I was packing my hospital bag, scribbling out names on paper, throwing up in the kitchen sink, and peeking in on my sleeping just-turned-two year old, who was about to be a big sister.  While it was still dark out, we left for the hospital and I remember turning around to look at the house, knowing we'd be returning as a family of four.

Taylor had a beautiful c-section birth compared to Bailey's traumatic one.  A few hours afterwards, as I held her I knew her name was Taylor Elise...she just looked like a Taylor.  I said, "You're just a Tater Tot aren't you, a little sweet potato."  And it stuck.  She was a beautiful baby and she barely cried as she roomed in with me for those couple days.  Because of having another child, Kevin spent less time at the hospital with me than with my first, so she and I were in the room together, just the two of us girls...buddies.  She took to nursing like a champ and I was one proud, happy mama.

I had no idea what I was in for, really.  I thought I knew, having had a girl already.  Basically I thought that the past two years would just be on repeat, add in a toddler ok a little busier, but I am a grown woman how bad could it be?

Then we came home.

I've shared on this blog before...or perhaps you know me in real life and was witness to it....for years Tate had a hard time.  Now we know she has sensory issues and we are in a great place with it.  But those early years were tough.  I was in survival mode most of the time.  Not to mention of course I also had an older child, who has CF and had to have her different needs met everyday.  Nope they weren't easy years.

But as Taylor grew more comfortable in her own skin, learned some coping skills and how to communicate what she wants and needs...this other wonderful, amazing part of her personality came out.  And we realized SHE IS HILARIOUS.  We are never short on Taylor-stories and we enjoy her antics every single day.  Her laugh is also my most favorite sound in the whole wide world.  I should tape it on my phone to just play it all the time.

At 8:11am (8/11 is my anniversary date too!) on October 7, 2005 Taylor Elise came in to my life...healthy, beautiful, and full of personality.  I had no idea that before she was born my life was so boring.  She adds so much spunk and spice to our family, I just simply can not imagine life without her.  She also has a very sweet, compassionate loving side to her that brings me such peace and comfort.  I adore her.

Tater and her #1 fan, always and forever.
I will never, ever stop being grateful for this beautiful kid and what she has brought to me.  I am drawn to her like a magnet.  I long to see her when we are apart, and I soak up (most) of the time we are together.  She is just a really great kid and if you know her, you can't help but really, really love her.

Happy 8th Birthday Hotter Totters.  Mommy loves you more than anything.  At bedtime tonight you told me you don't want to be eight, you want to stay seven.  Then you went a step further and said you wanted to be a baby again and be one year old.  But I tried to tell you how awesome 8 is, and you have a whole year to get used to it before 9.  Eight is enough...

Mommy will need that whole year to get used to it too.

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