Thursday, March 15, 2012

my better half

I've been a little bit into Kevin recently.

Which is good, since we are married.  Since we share a house together, are raising children and paying bills together.  Going through life.

We have seasons where he bothers me.  Just being honest!  It doesn't help that we have to share a bathroom.  For some reason, when I am in such a season, running into him in the bathroom seems to really get me peeved.

But right now, he's the cat's meow.  I am so thankful for his positivity, his humor, his gentleness and deep love for me and our girls.  I just can't imagine being without him.

Kevin, you're swell.  I love you.

A pic from Tate's itouch.  Perhaps blurry, but I think she was going for an artistic flair here.

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