Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Just read over Taylor's IEP.  Part of it was tough, reading that she is below level still in some areas.  I was shocked to read her IQ was in the normal range because I think she is gifted, of course.  Actually, really I do.  She just didn't feel like taking whatever test they gave her.

Before having children, I really didn't think about having a child that would need special services.  And I never thought I'd read the word "special" so many times in my life.  But here I am, with one child who has Cystic Fibrosis, and another diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Sensory Disorder.  I feel that both of them have such victory over their diagnoses, as they are both healthy and thriving.  Some days are tough, but really, they are great.

So what is special, anyway.  I am too lazy to x out of my blog to even look up the definition, but it means something like "out of the ordinary," "not common" or "above average."  Right?

Both my girls ARE special.  They are amazing.  Sure they can be brats, and perfectly normal in any kid sense.  But I really think they are out of the ordinary and even though I'm biased, I really think they are!

Bailey has such a deep empathy for people, and an understanding that is beyond her years.  She would do anything to make someone she loves feel her love.  She is sentimental to a fault, and I love it about her.  She is kind, and soft, and snuggly, and already, a servant of God.  She has such a heart for others, that I will confess I have already prayed that God not instill in her a heart for missionary work, because I can't bear the thought of ever being parted from her.

Taylor is laughter.  Her laugh IS my favorite sound in the whole wide world.  She is joy, and life, and wonder.  She has developed such a love for her family, and her loyalty runs deep and strong.  She loves to be touched and she lets me hang on to her babyhood.  She loves her family more than anything, and to her, Jesus is an extension of our family.  She is trusting, even though it doesn't come naturally.  She is brave and she is strong.

Pretty special, if you ask me.

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