Monday, May 21, 2012

what to do when you're seeing red

So I have been stewing over something that will have absolutely no resolution whatsoever.  I can't hash it out here on the blog (although I wish I could!  Oh the stories!!) but let's just say I have been pissed off.  True, it's not always hard to do, but I usually get over whatever pissings come my way.  But because I'm not a keep-it-inside person, I'm a vent-until-I-pass-out kind of chick, I am finding this situation really difficult because there's NOTHING I can do.  I can't talk about it, I can't reach some kind of compromise with this person, I can't do anything.

Ugh I wish I could just forget about it and not let anything bother me.  Not get mad, hurt, bitter.  I wish I could just not care.

So I think the only thing to do in this situation is go out with my girlfriends, get a good drink - or two - and vent away.  They will laugh, they will look at me with sympathy, they will say I deserve better.  That's what girlfriends do - once in awhile they will tell you you're wrong, but most of the time they will listen, empathize and totally side with you.  And because I have really great girlfriends that are strong Christian women, they will also pray for me when I don't have it in me to pray myself.

Can't wait to go out.

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