Friday, June 28, 2013

so far...

So far, one week and one day into our summer vacation....

...we saw Little Mermaid at Paper Mill Playhouse - broadway quality show and the girls loved it.  The first half of the show I sat next to a gun chewing heavy breather and after switching with Kevin for the second half, I sat next to a 5 year old who said every 3 minutes that this Ariel was different than the real Ariel.  But she accidentally held my hand a few times so I couldn't be too disgruntled.  I was reminded I have sensory issues (where on earth does Taylor get it from?!)  Girls loved the evening spent with family and their fave princess.  Success.

...we went to the beach.  Was not without incident, including time spent with a lifeguard, and shoulder sunburns.  But came home healthy and happy - success.

...went to the pool with friends and stayed until they closed.  Last ones out.  Success.

...I fell tripping over flip flops and beside bruising my hand and ankle, was not hurt.  Could have easily "ruined" much of the summer.  Success.

...powerwashed outside kid toys (and the deck which now looks streaky) that I have such sweet memories with but they have outgrown.  Sold to friends and using the money to fund summer fun.  Success.

...was forced to be inside during what must be record breaking rain.  House has no leaks and I actually was able to vacuum...success.

...was told that I no longer have to do a case that was really stressing me out at work.  Kids had mani-pedis with NanNan and saw Monsters U while I did work.  Success.

...went to dinner with my mom at Outback.  Delicious and I love siting across from my mom talking about stuff.  Success.

...went to the lake with a friend and as I watched her chase 2 toddlers aged 2 and 1, I reflected that although I miss it, and I'd be carting around a baby this summer if I had my way, my girls are at a great age.  I am still needed but not every.single.second.  We came home and I ate lunch laying in bed watching Love It or List It while they played Wii.  Success.

...vented to a good friend who let me go to crazy town while the girls painted with things she gave them.  They didn't want to leave and neither did I.  Success.

...hacked off gorgeous hydrangeas from a friend's plant and used them for centerpieces for our church's Chit Chat and Chocolate night.  Poured rain but 8 people still showed!!  Kept some hydrangeas for myself and added wildflowers from my own paltry garden.  Success.

...playdate at a friend's house while Kevin borrowed their truck.  Felt so thankful for good friends that are giving, fun, and loving.  Taylor made a sign for the bedroom door that said, "No Moms Allwod....or Dads."  Pizza dinner, came home for showers and playing "wishy wipers" when Kevin and I take their hands and feet and swing them onto the couch.  Intense laughter, so much so it scared the cat.  Success.

I am hoping YOUR summer so far is a success!!!  YES we have also had blood (literally), sweat (profusely) and tears (is it possible for children to go a day without whining or crying...or just my children?!)...but as I lay my head on the pillow I am so grateful for this Fun Summer!!  They will only be these ages once!

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