Thursday, June 20, 2013

summer to do list

Figured I might as well type it up here, to remind me of our - my - goals this summer.  I say my and not ours because if I let my girls know of these goals they'll only ask me 1000 times an hour why we're not accomplishing one of them if in fact I have said Screw It and turned on a movie in the air conditioning.

*Swim.  A lot.  Beach and pool.  Go at times with just girls alone to force quality time with mama.


*Visit one place to actually learn something.  Art museum perhaps.

*Schedule one playdate a week with a school friend.  Church friend playdates happen all summer thankfully, and bonus I feel more comfy in my swimsuit with church friends.  They know if they judge me they'll go straight to hell so they try harder not to wonder why I haven't gotten a handle on my ass.  Kidding, a little.

*Paint their bookcases and add their painted handprints in a corner.  I have wanted to do this project since they were little, these are in their rooms and my dad made them when I was young.  I have only wanted to do this project for several years.  Their hands are now humongous.

*Adding to the "I have wanted to do this project for several years" category - finish filing important papers to my In Case I Croak and Kevin Has To Handle the Bills and All That Important Shit binder / catch up on picture albums / organize and save girls artwork from this past year.  I plan to accomplish these things while the girls are at VBS in the mornings for a week.  The chance of this happening versus running errands, doing chores or perusing blogs while having coffee?  Nil.

*Catch up on the latest technology.  The girls have Ipods and would L.O.V.E to text each other but I don't know how to set it up.  True story.

Seriously Mom what am I supposed to do here?!  You still haven't set up texting on my Ipod?
 How am I supposed to ask my sister stuff, who's sitting right next to me?  How???!!!  

*Learn a few Bible verses.  The one about honoring your parents seems good, I'll start with that.

*Have Cheap Mom Salon night to do mani-pedis

*Live through it.  Without my kids having more fodder for their future years in therapy.  Like "I remember one time, after 2 months full of playdates and fun, Mom was looking haggard but she was still mobile.  It was 100 degrees outside and I asked her if we could go to the playground with no shade and she lost it and started crying and screaming and asking why we want to hurt her...I was confused, all I wanted was to get there and realize the slide was 1000 degrees and start whining and bitching and then demand to go to Chick Fil A.  I don't get it, what was her problem?"  Their therapist, a younger adult who has not yet had children home for a summer, will respond with, "She sounds awful, how did you manage?"

These are my simple yet mostly unattainable goals for summer.

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