Thursday, September 1, 2011

An addendum

My last entry on this blog, which feels like a billion years ago, was basically about how much I love this season - give or take some temper tantrums and sibling fighting -  of having young children.  That I want to enjoy them and not fear for when this season is over.

I wrote that entry while my children were in bed.  Sleeping like angels.  Quiet, not ripping my house and each other apart.

I wrote that entry after being away on vacation with my hottie husband and friends.  Just adults.  Fun.  No chores or the monotony of every day life.  No waking up to Taylor picking her nose and wiping it on my arm.  No listening to Bailey whine for the hundreth time over the course of an hour.

I wrote that entry with less brain cells than I had 8 years ago.  I will never get them back, they are gone.

So this is my addendum to that last post.

I love my girls, they are my life.  But I am REALLY looking forward to school starting next Tuesday.


  1. "LIKE"
    You are a beautiful person, and an amazing mother & wife!! I don't think you should change anything!!! Happy 32nd Birthday my friend!! xoxo
    Tara :)

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