Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A conversation between a mama and her baby girl

Tucking Tate in the other night, I told her how thankful I am to spend time with her everyday.  I said, "you know Sissy, some mommies work in the morning or night time, and don't get to see their babies as much.  So I'm so blessed that Daddy works hard so Mommy can be with you and Bailey, in the mornings, after school and all weekend."

Tate - "I know what Daddy does for his job."

Me - "Oh yeah?  What does Daddy do?"

T - "He looks for money all over the ground.  Then he picks it up and brings it back."

M - "Um...not exactly.  Daddy visits people and asks them to put pictures of their business on the computer and if they say yes, he gets money."

T - "I want to be a vet, a singer and an artist."

M - "You can be all of those things!  You can be a vet to make money, you could sing with your church on the weekend and you can draw whenever you want."

T - "I know what you can do to make money, Mommy."

M - "What do you think I should do."

T - "You can take a flashlight and look for coupons everywhere.  Coupons are money." (Girlfriend might have heard me say that a time or two!)

M - "That's a good idea Sissy, because then I could still be here when you and Bailey need me."

T - "Yeah, like I need you right now to stop talking to me and start singing my lullies and scratch me on my back and my arms."

Good thing she doesn't expect too much out of me.  I never want to miss out on moments like this.

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