Wednesday, June 6, 2012

what married people with kids fight about

Most married people with kids, even within wonderful, loving marriages, fight about stuff they never would have dreamed pre-marriage/kids.

We had such a fight last night.

Now, within the confines of this blog - like, maybe Kevin will read it so I shouldn't share everything - some elements of the fight can't be shared.  Because it would make him look bad.  Not me, him.

Last night I got home from work and the kids were bathed and ready for bed.  I went into the bathroom and noticed that there were pieces of wet toilet paper sticking out of the tub drain and there was standing water.  So smart mom that I am realized 2 things - a girl had, for whatever reason, stuffed tp in the tub drain, and now we had a clog.

I tend to panic with home fix-it type of situations.  It doesn't matter if it's a major problem or a minor one, because chances are, my husband and I won't have a clue how to fix it.  We are NOT fix-it people, we are "quick!  Who do we know that knows stuff?!" people.  I panicked when my electric garage door wouldn't operate (I did realize, without hiring someone, that it just needed plugged in - minor).  I panicked when water flooded from the bathroom to our bedroom, dripping through the ceiling to downstairs (over $4000 later we had a redone bath - major).  So basically, in my mind, I immediately go to the what's-the-worst-that-can-happen and in this instance with the tp clogging the drain, I picture my back yard being dug up, trees having to come out and thousands of dollars (that we don't have) later being told, "Charmin's not good for your septic system, ma'am.  And toilet papers not supposed to go in the tub."

So as I start my panic, I realize Kevin's remaining calm and cavalier.  He had said he didn't know why there was tp in the tub but is that true?!  Why is he so calm when we may have to have a plumber rip through our pipes and yard?!   I may have, under my breath but loud enough for him to hear (a common married people with kids way of arguing) stated that I wished I had been home and not working so this wouldn't have happened.  That's when the floodgates opened.   It wasn't pretty.  Neighbors may have heard.

Bailey let me know when there was a break in our yelling that the reason why there was tp in there (previously girls had claimed innocence) was that in the tub she noticed Tate had a "rashy J."  So she gave Taylor toilet paper to wipe the rash off.  In the tub.

I may have muttered again (or yelled, I can't remember) that I wished I had been in the bathroom while they took their bath so I would've seen it, and where was Kevin?  He reminded me, not quietly, that I haven't watched them in the tub for quite awhile either.  Maybe a year or two.  (in my defense before you picture my kids drowning - remember they're 6 and 8, they swim laps underwater and jump off the high-dive, and I know they stay alive while bathing because I hear Ariel singing to Barbie.)

I took a break outside and when I came in, tucked in the girls and apologized for Mom and Dad yelling.  They were fine and Taylor promised she'd wipe out of water from now on.  Kevin tried to remedy the clog over the course of an hour with a bottle of Drano and pots of boiling water.  It was deemed fixed.  We apologized and got over it.

Taking a shower later that night, I deemed the clog not fixed, as water pooled at my feet.  I pictured the plumber again, and the bill I'd have to charge to pay.  I bent over, removed the drain, and pulled up a few gobs of wet tp.  The water magically flowed down the drain!!!!

I tried to not rub it in later when I told Kevin the clog was really fixed.

NOTE - Not my actual tub.  I know this because this tub looks expensive and luxurious.
Mine is a basic Home Depot model.  Also, this room looks spacious, and our one main bath is not.
This pic was taken from the Rural Glamour website, some lucky chic gets her bubbles and magazine time here.  I get mine with 2 little girls sitting on the toilet while I bathe, asking me questions like "Mommy, when you lay back why does your tummy stick out of the bubbles?" "Because, dear one, God made Mommy with a nice size tummy and if I filled the tub with enough water to cover it, the water would go through the over-flow drain.  And Mommy's scared of plumbers so she's careful of the over-flow drain.  Now be a lovey and get a towel for your Barbie that's gotten lodged between my butt cheeks.  Stop staring.  Thanks for taking a dump in here, 2 inches from my face, while I was having my "quiet" time.  And refill my glass with some of Mommy's special juice."  JK on that last part :)  I get my juice myself.

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