Friday, January 28, 2011

Flash Forward Friday

So I have been thinking some about where I'd like to travel in my lifetime.  I am not a traveler, and in fact for many years I was set on not going too far at all, as I felt most places I could just read about, no need to go there.  No need for the long flight, no need for the language barrier, no need for the hours of research to plan the trip.  How ridiculous was that?!  I have just one life, one chance to experience different cultures, landscapes, architecture, foods.  I want to see, hear, taste, smell, touch.  BUT this world-traveling that I am talking about here is so far away it's not even funny.  I have years of mortgage payments, (hopeful) college costs, 2 weddings, and life itself to pay for before I am on a plane bound for China.  (Do I want to go to China?  I'm not sure). is a list of Top 10 places in America, more do-able in the near future.  I have not been to many places, as growing up we usually spent vacation time with family, or camping (ugh).  Of course, my husband and children will probably not be on board, as Disney is usually the family destination when we can vac-ay.  We LOVE us some Disney.

 But I figure because Bailey is 7 and we have about 12 years until she goes to college ('cause that's what's gonna happen) we have some time to hit up these Top 10 places - and a few I think should be kid-less.

1.  Maine.  Let's not act surprised that one of the main (haha) reasons I want to go there is because I want to eat a lot of lobster.  Overlooking the water.  How good does that sound?  Kevin and I are planning on going there in August for our 10th anniversary, if life doesn't get in the way.

2.  Yosemite.  It looks tranquil and a piece of American-a.

3.  Vegas.  Cause it's Vegas, I love the slots, it looks amazing and it'd be funnnnnnnn.....without the kids.

4.  Savannah, Georgia.  Not sure if Kevin will be on board, I wonder if my mom would want to go?

5.  Chicago.

6.  San Fransisco and more in CA.  I have actually been to California once, with a friend in college.  But we visited less than 2 months after my dad died bc we had planned it - and it really wasn't a good decision.  I have some fond memories of the trip but it passed in a blur so I want a do-over.  Plus I didn't go to San Fran.

7.  a cross-country road trip.  maybe.  it feels a little crazy at this point, but it'd be a great way to see a lot of things in one shot.

8.  Places with waterfalls.  I don't know where, I'm pretty uneducated about geography.

9.  Places with mountains.  See above explanation about where.

10.  Colorado.  (Would coincide with 9. so I will add a bonus number -

11.  Gaitlinburg (sp?), TN.

What a wonderful, beautiful world God has made for us, I want to see it and enjoy it.  Of course one needs a bit of cash to see and enjoy this beautiful world, but one trip at a time we could make a dent in my list!

Where is a spot in America YOU want to visit?  Let me know, I may steal it.  Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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  1. Lately I feel a pull to go to the Grand Canyon. I don't know why but I feel like it is so HUGE... pretty much anywhere in nature is also up there in my list... Stacey