Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am up for Mother of the Year Award - again!!!

So as I wrote in my last post, i was off to ShopRite to get my deals.   I spent around $75 but hadn't gone yet this week and this covers next week except for milk, so that's not bad for 2 weeks.  I'm also going to hit up CVS for a deal, and spend about $10 OOP (out of pocket) for 25 boxes of tissues and 20 gatorades (Bailey drinks 1/2 one a day for her CF).

But here is why I am up for the award.  I was late getting back home and missed my kids buses.

I was late by literally one minute.  Bailey's bus was still there and she quickly forgave me.  "Mommy, everyone makes mistakes, it's ok!  Um...when I do something wrong later, you'll forgive me too, right?" "Bailey, what do you think you'll do later that needs forgiven?" "Well Mommy, I can't be in charge of that kind of stuff, I don't know what I'll do yet.  But I do stuff, like, everyday."

Bailey's driver called Taylor's driver and said she was dropping off another kid and would loop around back.  One more minute later, Taylor shows up.

And she is not happy.  VERY not happy.  Crying buckets of tears, clinging to my neck screaming kind of not happy.  I felt awful, begged forgiveness, and held her for several minutes.  And then I did what any Mother-of-the-Year would do.

I said, "Hey Tatie, I know what will help!!  Ice cream!!  You want some??"

It worked like a charm.  While we were all indulging (I needed a pick me up too, ya know) I realized that this didn't fit in with my goal to raise my children differently than I was raised - where food was used as a reward or pacification (is that even a word?  You probably know what I mean).  I don't make my kids clean their plates, if they're not hungry at "lunchtime" I don't care and I'll let them eat when they are, I don't tell them no snacks - if they're hungry in between meals, they can have something healthy.  They are at wonderful weights, the picture of health.  But my girls do love a good treat.  And today I basically bribed them with it to get me off the hook of bad mama.

But like I said, it worked like a charm.  You know, once upon a time, I was going to write a blog titled, "Sick of Weighting" and document my amazing weight loss, every day writing my weight and what I ate.  This blog does not exist because I'm NOT A COMPLETE IDIOT.  What fool wants to tell the world (or the few readers that may follow it) that she ate 3 pieces of pizza?  And salad?  And a breadstick?  Or two?  Not this girl.

So while I'm not gonna tell you what I eat everyday, I will tell you my successes and failures, because we can all use a little lift.  Think about it, it's a win-win...If you are also Mother-of-the-Year and do stuff like show up a minute late and then pass around the ice cream as a bribe, you can commiserate.  But if you are "that" kind of mom that can't believe I was late, much less have ice cream in the house - you can feel good about yourself.  So really, I'm performing a kind of public service here.

Much love to all, thanks for listening.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! :) Haha. You should win an award...for many reasons!


  2. Brynn - I love how genuine and honest and compassionate you are. I admire you greatly!