Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feeling good

As i write, i am watching tv with a fire going.  I am so blessed. The last week has been Easter celebrations and lots of family time - we have been really enjoying each other.  Taylor has been doing pretty well and she especially enjoyed our day at Sahara Sams, an indoor water park.  She has been communicating more clearly and has been able to calm down quicker.  I am so thankful we are addressing her needs and i think it's helping.  Tomorrow we have 2 therapy sessions, it will be a busy day.  We meet up with kevin's parents around 4:30 tomorrow and they are having the children overnight at their house, tatie for the first time.  We will pick her up if necessary but maybe she'll do great!  We are going to AC for a night out, yay i can't wait.

Bailey is doing well, she had a playdate today with an old friend.  I tucked her in tonight, a long tuck-in, and i marveled at how tall she is getting, how long her hair is - how she is growing.  What will i do without my baby Bailey?  will she leave me for her friends - probably and hopefully - i know that's normal!   But we are so close, i love my girlfriend time with her.  I love my girlfriends, i am so glad i had girls.  When we do fun things together, we put our hands out on top of each other and chant, 1,2,3 - Girls!! i always wanted a sister and never had one - i am thankful they have each other.

Thank you God, for the blessings of my family.  Please help me each moment of each day, to be the mom You want me to be, to be the wife Kevin needs me to be.  

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