Sunday, April 19, 2009

Family Sunday

so today is sunday, which always means working in the nursery, church and family dinner.  Sometimes this day allows me to reflect on my blessings, sometimes it makes me actually look forward to Monday.  hmm.  anyway, today's sermon, given by the associate pastor, made me think about my role as a mother and how God is REALLY using this stage in my life to mold me into the person He wants me to be.  The person i currently am is a confused one...kind of like how i feel about sundays.  do i look forward to it or a little bit dread it?  if anyone ever reads this blog, forgive my ramblings but i'm just kind of thinking out loud, whatever pops in my head.  anyway, i am confused about who i am.  on one hand i am thankful to be God's child and i desperately want Him to take the drivers seat in my life...on the other i fight Him tooth and nail, out of fear of the unknown, out of far as my mothering goes, He is WORKING HARD in my life - some days i welcome the work, i do the best i can, i concentrate on Him.  on others, i boo-hoo myself, i yell at the kids, i lay on my bed too exhausted to even smile at my husband.  so for today...what's my choice?  TODAY, i choose to graciously welcome my family into my home to serve them a meal and i encourage kevin to help out at church while i tuck in the girls.  i smile, i have patience.  i pray.  for today and tomorrow i will choose again.

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