Thursday, February 16, 2012

last word

Waiting outside this morning, Taylor was doing some kind of large bird impersonation.  "MakKAW, MakKAW!!"  is what it sounded like.  Normally she is a cat, so this was a huge change of pace.  If we were the only ones waiting for the bus, I'd just ask her to makKAW a little softer in case anyone was still sleeping.  But the little brat boy across the street and 2 other kids that are usually in before-care were outside and looking at her weird.

Taken on her first day of kindergarten this past September.  

Now, Tate doesn't give a flying rip if you look at her weird.  I'm kind of used to it, but it does make my heart go a little soft towards her.  Anyway, I said, "Taylor, use your words instead" and she makKAWed at me.  To which I said, "Taylor, listen and obey.  I said use words instead of animal noises.  Are you going to have fun in computers today?"  (She loves when they work with computers, which they do on Thursdays.  But girlfriend was on to my try-to-divert-attention trick and continued to makKAW.

The two dads waiting with the other kids (who were all quiet by the way, and standing there calmly waiting for the bus) were watching, and I felt their eyes.  One of the dads is really nice, and I remember when his daughter was younger they really had to work with her on her behavior, and I didn't feel the judgement.  The other dad, whose only child is "a genius" who is stifled by our public school system because he's too smart for, I don't know if he was judging or not.  He's nice enough, but we just don't click.  He doesn't really "get" my girls, and I don't really "get" his former-Montessori, karate kid who gets his way on everything.  Regardless, I felt what every mom in a situation like this feels...

When you are in public, and your kid is disobeying, you try to get him/her to stop and they DON'T, then you issue some kind of warning "If you continue to do x, when we get home you will lose your tv privilege" or something like that.  What ensues will be one of three options - kid starts screaming bloody hell, bringing even MORE unwanted attention, kid actually obeys or kid continues unwanted activity and you are either whispering more threats, trying to shoot daggers with your eyes that say, "Are you serious kid?  Do you realize that as soon as we get in the car I am going to lose it?" or trying to move the kid to another area (away from others eyes) asap.

I knelt down to Taylor as she continued to makKAW (which by the way, where on EARTH did this come from?!) and said, "Tate, I'm serious, that's enough.  Talk normally, and don't do this at school.  Do you understand?  I don't want you to have to get a time-out the second you get home from school!"

"FINE!!!!!  Ugh!!  Stop talking to me, your breath smells!"

And I really wanted her to talk?!

The bus came rolling down the street and I happily kissed them Taylor climbed the steps, she turned and did one last loud MAKKAW!!

Whatever, she's her teacher's problem now, for the next 7 hours.

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