Tuesday, February 7, 2012

one week

One week from today is Valentine's Day.  What are your plans?

I looked up "pictures of Valentine's Day" and found this, and I love it.  
I wonder how many men are going to get themselves in trouble next week.  
Kevin and I have no plans.  We haven't had V-day plans for years.  Probably 8 yrs to be exact, since that's how long we've been parents.  Kids are a total kill-joy as far as celebrating Valentine's Day is concerned.  

That sounds negative.  But true.

So ok, we're not going out to dinner...dinner out V-day stinks anyway, too expensive and a long wait.  No flowers (again, too expensive), no chocolate (the kids will come home with a bunch of junk from their class valentine exchange and just like Halloween, we take some of their loot), no wine (Kev doesn't drink anything, and it's no fun wine-ing by myself).  

But we'll have a nice evening all the same.  I'm making Kevin one of his favorite dinners, beef stroganoff, and I'm going to give him a well-deserved backrub.  I'm hoping he will clean the kitchen and maybe throw in a load of laundry for me.  Ok not just throw it in, that's the easy part, but to actually then fold and put away.  He knows by now that's the kind of thing that does it for me.  Also, since Valentine's Day is actually Bailey's favorite holiday (and if you know her at all, you are not surprised) I'm going to try to think of something fun to do with the girls too.

So all you parents, especially to those with very young children, if you're not doing anything "special" for V-day, take heart.  Someday, we will be able to do whatever we want for V-day, or any day.  Let's try to do those little things we know our spouse likes, so that when that day comes around and we can do whatever we want, we still have our special sweetheart to do it with.  Everybody needs to know they are loved, and not just on Valentines.  

Spread the love!  (and you can take that in more than one way if you like :)  It is Valentine's Day after all!)

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  1. TJ is taking each one of our girls out individually for Valentines... which I think is super cute!

    As for me... I hate Valentine's Day. ha ha