Wednesday, February 22, 2012

worst feeling in the world

Kevin and I are in a small group comprised of several friends from church.  We meet once a month and are currently studying the book, The Five Love Languages.   Saturday evening it was our turn to host the group in our home.  We have dinner first, and then go over a few chapters.

Well, as any woman knows, entertaining in your home means going on a cleaning blitz.  Because Kevin is a good man, and he knew I was doing all of the shopping and cooking for what we were contributing to dinner, he helped me clean Saturday afternoon.  At one point, he was vacuuming and I was cleaning the upstairs bathroom.  The girls had been in and out of the house all afternoon, playing in the back yard because it was a nice day.  The vacuum shut off, and I hear Taylor singing in her room.  Something inside of me told me Bailey wasn't with her, because currently the bane of Bailey's existence is listening to her sister sing.

I go to Tate's room and ask, "where's Bailey?"  Taylor said she didn't know.  I start calling for Bailey, to no answer.  Kevin starts calling.  Our cries for her become more loud and desperate once we realize she's not outside either.  Throughout the house we're screaming for her, yelling to come out RIGHT NOW.  I was so scared she had gone outside, even though she knows she's not allowed out by herself.  My mind immediately jumped to the whole "it only takes a second" and my heart felt like a million pounds in my chest.

Within a few minutes, we did find her - in the downstairs bathroom.  I had forgotten that I asked her to clean it!!  The fan in that tiny room is so loud that if the door is shut, you can't hear a thing.  It startled her so much when I threw the door open and squeezed her to me, and I was so thankful she was safe.

I know I sound like a nutjob, and I know I felt like one.  But that is one of my worst fears, if not my worst - that something evil will befall my daughters.  I don't know how I would live if something like that happened, someone evil taking my girl.

Thank you God, that You protect us each day.

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