Wednesday, May 22, 2013

eyes of the beholder

I have been feeling pretty fat and frumpy lately.  By lately I mean the last 15 years.  This is no surprise to a seasoned reader of this blog.

My sweet friends, adoring mother and husband Kevin are kind to give me compliments at times.  And I take them, as much as I am able.  But even when I receive a compliment that I am so appreciative of, that ugly voice from within pipes up with "they're just being nice" or "it's the shirt, it's flattering" or..."hmm, he's trying to sweet talk me."  I don't really believe the nice thing they're saying.

But tonight, my daughter Taylor, aka Truth Teller, wrote me a note for no reason.  It said, "Beautiful.  Mommy is Beautiful."

Be still my heart.

This is the girl who you don't want to ask "how do I look?" without getting a full body scan look and then the truth.  She might say, "um...I don't like that shirt." or "Didn't you wear that yesterday?" or my favorite, "You told me not to say anything out loud unless it's nice."

Seriously Mom?  You want to know how you look in those jeans?  

So I am taking this compliment and not turning it around.  And you know what?  I want to start taking other compliments too.  Because when I compliment someone, I mean it.  If I say you look so pretty today, I really think you look pretty, not that your shirt is flattering.  So who am I to say that someone doesn't mean the same to me?

I'm kind of getting sick of putting myself down.  I'm getting tired of detesting the girl in the mirror before me.  It's doing nothing for me.

Imagine what this world would be like if a bunch of women thought more of themselves?  I bet there'd be a lot more fit, healthy women with better careers, for a start.

I have two daughters to raise and I need them to always believe they are beautiful, inside and out.  And tonight I am feeling so thankful to Taylor that she thinks her mommy is too.

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