Thursday, May 23, 2013

Top Ten Reasons I am Looking Forward to Summer

I haven't done a Top 10 in awhile.  Here ya go.

Top Ten Reasons I am Looking Forward to Summer

10.  No homework

9.  Sleeping in.  Now that I have older kids I do something like peek out from under my covers and mumble, "Bailey get you and your sister a cereal bar and yogurt and turn on the tv.  Something appropriate.  Yes you can have juice.  Yes you can make a fort while you watch tv.  Yes you can dress up the cats." It's lovely, all of you moms of littles.  If you can sleep through the fights in the bathroom, the fights over what to watch, the fights about who gets the last juice box...summer has extra fighting, just an fyi.

8.  Catching fireflies while we suck on homemade popsicles.

7.  The rush-rush of the school year filled with activities, homework and getting to bed on time slows to a "whatever" kind of pace.

6.  The way little girls look holding hands as they run out into the ocean.

5.  Beach day trips with friends.  Laughing, talking, ducking under waves with the kids, soaking up the sun while I dig my toes into the warm sand.

4.  Spending 2 weeks in Wildwood with the girls and my in-laws.  (yes that is really on this list.)  Kevin comes for the weekend and we go to AC or Cape May for the evening.  The girls LOVE spending this time each summer at "the yellow house."

3.  Going to the pool!!  We hit up our neighborhood pool, our in-laws neighborhood pool, my mom's pool, friends pools...

2.  Going to the lake.  It's free (donations when you can) and it's lovely.  Adirondack chairs, rowboats, and I always go with friends.  Or if I go to the lake in my development I load the kids in the car with beach toys and I lay on my blanket and read while they play.  Sometimes we pick up a pizza and have dinner there with Kev after work.

and my number one thing I look forward to in the summer...

1.  The beach!!!!  Ok I sense a recurring theme.  But I can't help it, I can't wait!

Have I made you excited about summer?!  Summer wasn't always so fun, it's only been the last few years.  I've always loved the beach, always loved swimming...but some of the joy is taken away when you're trying to deal with a sensory kid who doesn't like the sun, noisy people, hot sand...all while trying to watch your older child who has NO fear of the water whatsoever and seems to want to swim to China.  Changing "waterproof" diapers sucks, missing naps sucks, how hot it is outside at the playground sucks.  But now that my girls are older I LOVE SUMMER.

Except for how I look in a bathing suit.  But I'm not going to care about that anymore, right?!  Whatever, I totally care.  But it's so worth wrangling myself into a "Just Your Size" minimizer suit (minimizer is just a clever word for Fat-Displacer.  Trust me, if your stomach looks smoother, your ass just got bigger.) to be with my girls at the pool and beach.


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