Monday, May 20, 2013

my person

Ever watch Grey's Anatomy?  Then you have heard Meredith and Cristina say, "you're my person."  That one soul who completely gets you, is with you, fights for you, etc.

I want to say my person is Kevin.  And in so many ways he is.  In all of the important ways.  I am completely myself with Kevin, and I can go to him for anything.  But alas, he is a man.

I am blessed with wonderful friends.  I have a few good ones who would be there for me, no matter what.  And we have such fun together, such great conversations that I never want to end.

But really, my person is probably my mom.

My mom would do anything for me, and has.  It was my mom who I had to have when I was in difficult labor with Bailey, and who I asked to come close so I could whisper, "Kill me the baby but"  (Good news is she didn't comply, and instead ordered me to stop being the crazy nut on full Pitocin to get an epidural.  That's another plus - she makes good decisions on my behalf).  She stayed with me after both babies were born and got the flu that struck our house when Tate came home.  Even when she was sick - because she had been here helping me - she tried to do all she could for us in her weakened state.  I can tell her whatever is on my mind, and even if she disagrees she'll say, "oh Brynnie...".  She loves me in spite of, and because of, all the things that make  She thinks I'm awesome, and it feels great to know that someone in this world thinks you can do anything.

My relationship with my mom is not perfect, and never was.  But she is so important to me and I am so grateful to have her.

If you have a "person" - invest in that relationship.  If you feel like you don't, think through your family and friends and pick someone whom you would like to be that person for.  Spend time together and in time, perhaps your relationship will grow to a place that is really special.

I believe in Jesus and I know I can call on him when I'm in that middle-of-the-night panic and he will comfort me.  But there's something different, and needed, about being able to call someone and hear their voice.  God created us to be in relationship with people and I believe He blesses some relationships to help us in this life.

Thanks Mom, for helping me.  I love you.

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