Friday, May 24, 2013

what, you don't do that too?

A few days ago I tucked my tweezers into my purse.  My magnifying mirror broke, and I know there are errant hairs on my face that I have missed when plucking using my regular mirror.  Hairs that might poke someone's eye out.

Yes, I am confessing here I have a beard.  It's not a Santa beard, but some of the hairs are white, some are black as coal, and they all protrude from my chin.   And neck.

I'll never forget the day I first saw ChinHair.  I was attending a wedding, and our room was right on the ocean.  The light was streaming in as we got ready.  I decided to use the handheld mirror I had in my purse that had suction cups on the back, and affix it to the sliding door to utilize the good lighting for my makeup.  That's when I saw them.

I think I screamed out loud.  Then cried.  Then wondered WHO had been staring at my face all those times standing outside talking to someone in the bright sun.

I went on a pluck binge, right then and there.  And daily, since that day, I have plucked hairs out of my face.  At one point I went to a dermatologist who told me she didn't really see the problem.  I said it's because I pluck everyday, I can't go around in public with a chin and neck full of scragglepop hairs!  She told me about some expensive options and then said tweezers cost just a few bucks but to be careful, it can damage the skin.  Yeah well, not plucking could damage my social life.

Anyway, the other day I carried tweezers with me in the car, knowing that there is good visibility with the afternoon sun and my visor mirror.  I had planned to find a spot somewhere while the kids were at art class, where no one could see, and go to plucktown.  I forgot though, until I was back home.  So there in the driveway, with the door open because it was hot, I started my work.  I was concentrating, I was busy.

I have neighbors.  And there were joggers.  The late bus came.  I ignored all of it, and kept at my work.

So yes, I am sure someone saw the lady in what looked to be pjs (it's "loungewear" people, and I wear them everywhere I can) plucking her face using the car mirror.

It had to be done and I don't need more friends.  I need the ones I have, who have had conversations with me and ChinHair at the beach in the bright sun, and love me anyway.

But I am going to Target this weekend to replace my mirror.

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