Monday, May 16, 2011

Mommy Monday

So today Bailey was home sick again, strep throat for the FIFTH time.  We have an ENT appt in 2 weeks, she'll probably have to get her tonsils out.  Anyway, my scheduled day ended up not turning out anything like what I had planned...but such is life!  I was stressed by the end of the day for sure, but my time just with Bailey while Taylor was in school was dear to me.  She was appreciative and loving - we told each other what we love about each other.  It's such a Bailey kind of conversation.  Taylor, probably irked that Bailey got to stay home and she had to go to school, and thrown off with the change in routine, was a handful for much of the day...but redeemed herself during tuck in time by being funny and sweet.

Anyway, tonight I started a fruit and veggie chart for the girls.  I did this once before with them, with mediocre success.  Basically, it is a bribing/reward system to get them to try different healthy foods.  Their choices have to be something they've already tried and hated, or have never tried at all.  At first I said they have to eat a whole piece of it (like a whole strawberry) or if it's small like peas, they have to eat their age.  Bailey was about to flip her lid bc she's 2 years older and thought that was very unfair and I kind of agreed, so I said they had to have 6, a compromise number.  Once they get to 10 servings - and they have to be different, so even if they eat more of something it won't count - they are getting a Nerf gun.  It shoots these soft things out and sticks to windows, the doors, etc.  They're psyched.  My hope is that they add just one or two more fruits or veggies to their small list of preferred choices, and that will make this so worth it.  Oh and if they complain more than once it doesn't count.  Tonight's choice was watermelon, we started out easy.  Taylor actually eats watermelon sometimes as a snack at school, but Bailey really doesn't like it.  After praying to God to help her (goodness, the drama that goes on in this house)  she ate a slice.  Tomorrow is corn on the cob, 1/2 of one but I can cut it off for them I said and add butter and salt.

Wouldn't you want a chart with a fun toy as a reward and all you have to do is eat delicious food?!  These girls have the life I tell you.  I hope I'm not creating major future damage.

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