Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tummy Tuesday and a Top 10

I've probably gained it back since then but on Saturday's weigh in at WW, I lost 2 lbs.  Happy about that!  But since then, ugh eating too much, esp as I've been trapped in the house with the rain and a sick kid.  Emotionally eating, bored eating, baking-with-Bailey eating...

I'll reign it in and hoping this Saturday shows a bit more of a loss!

Top 10 Favorite Foods (I don't know why, bc I'm bored and don't want to do any chores)

1.  Mom's cooking.  Her meatballs, apple pie, potato skins (only for the Super Bowl and it's been maybe 15 yrs since I've had one!), meatloaf, Ranch dressing, rice...it's better if Mom makes it.

2.  Ham roll-ups made by Kevin's aunt Sarah.  She makes them for New Years and Kevin's parents always bring me back a plate.  That's what you do for fat people fyi - when you go to parties, you bring them home the leftovers :)  Well this year our family went to their party too and she made me a HUGE batch, I still have some in the freezer!  They are these very thin crepe like appetizers - I know they don't sound good and I only eat ham a few times a year but these are soo good.

3.  Cheesecake with my work girlfriends.  We always choose a dessert to share, and when it's cheesecake I think, it doesn't get better than that.  Fun with friends AND creamy sweetness.  Better with fruit sauce.

4.  Homemade pizza.  Mom makes the best crust (of course) but I've been experimenting.  I also love the fun of it, everyone piling on their toppings.

5.  Holiday food.  Christmas cookies with the kids and giving them to people, seeing their smiles.  Turkey and mashed potatoes with the family.  Seeing my brother make a well in his mashed potatoes brings me more happiness when I eat mine, I remember that he's done that his whole life.  My MIL's mac and cheese, my SIL's crumb apple pie.  Love it all, with a side of green beans because I'm healthy like that.  No really, I love green beans.

6.  Anything Italian.  Lasagna, stuffed shells, spaghetti and meatballs...all of it.  With salad and bread thank you very much.  Love the smells.  Love that it freezes well.  Love that my husband loves it too and whispers sweet nothings in my ear when I make him pasta.

7.  Stir frys.  Crunchy veggies, flavorful meat.  Tortillas that I've gotten for free with coupons make it even better.

8.  Fruit.  I love smoothies, fruit salads, berries in pancakes or on cereal, and just a plain old good apple or banana to tide me over until dinner.  So thankful for fruit.  I love fresh tasting, Farmers Market kind of food.

9. Kevin's summer burgers.  My man don't cook.  But in the summer, he grills probably once a week and his burgers are delish.  My dad bless him always used to burn them to a crisp.  Kevin has that fine line down where they're not pink at all (love it in a steak, hate it in a burger) but don't dried and burnt.  Plus, I love eating outside with my family and that makes everything taste better too!!

10.  Finally, I love a good hoagie.  Jersey Mike's in Toms River is pretty good, Primos is pretty good.  I can't make one as good as a deli, just can't even with a great roll that we are lucky to have in Jersey.  If I really have my way I'd have it with 1/2 a cup of milk and a good deli pickle too, fresh sliced.

If you're still reading - anyone? - what's YOUR fave?


  1. You are totally making me hungry. I love food! Anything with cheese, which I should not eat due to high cholesterol, but some how I come home from the grocery store every week with lots of cheese. Love pies, fresh fruit all cut up and ready for me, seafood, fresh bread with butter. I could go on and on.

  2. Oh how could I forget about seafood?! LOVE it! I rarely make it though, boohoo, bc no one else in my house will eat it! Next steering dinner at Red Lobster, what say you. :)