Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

Yo.  It is 3:04 pm, about 1/2 hr until my chickies come home.  Bailey went back to school today which was l.o.v.e.l.y.  I had cried my eyes out for about 2 weeks when she started 1st grade this year, not knowing how I'd make it through every day with her gone, my angel baby, for 7 hours.  Well I've gotten quite used to angel baby being gone each day and when she is home during the week missing school and all her friends (read: whining, following me around, closing her door to her sister which makes sister furious...) I realize how nicely I've adjusted to full day school.  I see her for about 2 hrs in the morning unless my hubby's home and let's me sleep in (xoxo to you Kev) and from 3:45 on in the afternoon...and weekends...and snow days, sick days, MLK and every other kind of day...and summers.  I feel really blessed to have the best of both worlds - time when my children are in school to allow me to do other things, and time with them when they're home.

Taylor at this point spends 3 hrs/day except every other Friday in school, but next year she'll be full day like Bailey.  It's 1/2 day kindergarten in our district but they are putting her in 1/2 day "normal" kindergarten and 1/2 day special ed.  She'll leave on the morning bus wiht Bailey to go to her special kindergarten, eat lunch with them and then leave to go to normal.  A few of her friends from this year's class have the same arrangement, which is a huge relief.  She has had the same room, teacher, aides and therapists for 2 years and it's all changing - a big check-minus in Taylor's book.  So the fact that she will at least be at the same school, with a few friends, is awesome.

I'm not sure yet if I will cry as I did with Bailey, but I am sure now I will get over it.

Today I was talking with a few friends about what my plans will be for next year when both girls are gone all day.  So...I really think I want to somehow market myself as a "coupon consultant."  Several times a week I am talking coupons with people, and I love it.  I love saving money and I love talking about how.  There are so many "secrets" that people don't know about and I want to share what I know so other people can free up more money for things they want and need.  I am not sure what this will look like yet, but for starters I am going to make myself available to talk to MOPS and other mothers groups in the area.  Maybe do a workshop out of churches, libraries, etc.  Tomorrow I am speaking to a MOPS group in Cherry Hill - no charge, but great practice.  I spoke at my own MOPS group also, earlier this year.  Truly, to really delve into it, I need much more time than an hour to show people how to coupon effectively and efficiently.

So that's what I'm thinking about today.  I wish sometimes God could just call me up and tell me what He wants me to do, and what I'll be good at.  I never thought I'd want to venture into something like this, but I kind of fell into couponing, grew to really appreciate it and love it, and now I think perhaps I might even be able to make a small income helping other people learn the system while still being "at home" with my kids.  I feel excited!

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