Monday, May 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Hmm should I even title this "Thursday" when it is clearly Monday?  Sorry again friends that I have not been blogging daily...the nice weather meant a lot of time outside; both my blogging and my house have been neglected.  And since I'd rather blog than vacuum, I'll start here.  I am thinking that when summer rolls around and my little pretties are home with me daily - and wanting to swim in every second of their free time - I am going to have to ditch the whole daily theme thing.  Otherwise it will add to my whole I-can-never-keep-up-not-good-enough feeling that follows me through many other areas.

Ok I have a lot to be thankful for.

*Since it is Monday, I will celebrate the fact that Bin Laden is dead.  Gone.  Finito.  Not sure what that means for our country's future safety, but for today, we are thankful he has been killed by US military.  Way to go boys!!

*The last of the 4 pine trees in my front yard (aka dirt patch) have been taken down!!  We are in a bit of yard renovation mode - I know it looks worse now and the neighbors are probably mad (I live in a very tree-protected area - you have to get permission first and nobody likes it when trees come down, myself included).  BUT it will look so much better and we are replacing the trees - just not pine, this time a few decorative ones like a cherry blossom, red maple...with bushes around the sides with things like hydrangeas, lilacs...I CAN'T WAIT!

"I can see it in my mind, Clark, and it's beautiful." (name that movie, it's my all-time fave.  After some other faves)

*This weekend Bailey had softball which was so great, a gorgeous day for it.  I am so grateful how nice her coaches are and the girls on her team!!  Then we spent the rest of the day with Nan and Pop (inlaws), including dinner and Rio.  Yesterday we went to my mom's to celebrate my bro's 30th bday and it was nice spending the whole weekend with family.  Bailey cries when we leave my mom's house, she's just like me, I would cry when we left from visiting Indiana - and I still do.

*As I write this I just heard Taylor say to her cat Cocoa, who is in the bathroom with her, "Come on Cokie Rokie, flush it with me.  Come on, give me your hand..."  I am grateful for cats that are so accommodating to my children.

*I am thankful it is Monday, which is a quiet day for me.  On Mondays I usually clean up from the weekend, the laundry, vac, organize coupons, MOPS agenda, make a few meals for the week.  Tatie who has put out lots of emotional energy being around people all weekend, usually likes to tinker quietly with her toys or watch a movie like a zombie.  Literally, she doesn't move.  It is a stark change from how I used to start crying on Sunday nights, knowing I had 5 days ahead of me with Kevin working all day.  I felt so alone - used and abused by my constipated, acting out 2/3 yr old and my mad-at-life-and-you're-gonna-pay-all-day baby.  To go from dreading Mondays for 3 years to absolutely looking forward to them and enjoying them is such a blessing.

Hoping you all can enjoy YOUR Monday too!

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