Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

A few months ago I wrote about how I was a minute late for the kids buses after school.  Taylor was traumatized, but eventually stopped talking about it.  I felt like a terrible mom -- made more terrible after I used ice cream as a bribe to have her stop crying.  It was not a good afternoon for me.

I was literally only one minute late.

Today, I forgot Bailey's snack and lunch.  Now, for lunch she can just buy it, she has an account that I put money in every few months for her pizza-Fridays.  But what did she do for a snack?  Does her teacher have extra stashed away?  And because of her CF she is not allowed to drink out of water fountains, so what did she drink?  Was she embarrassed, did she cry, did she wonder why I forgot about her?   I didn't realize I forgot until I saw her library book on the table when I came home from church around noon.  In the car bringing it to the school, I suddenly remembered zipping up her bookbag in a rush, with her lunch and snack boxes in it, and I realized I never took them out to fill this morning.  Going in to the school I saw her in the cafeteria and we blew kisses to each other through the glass and she had her tray of food in front of her.

So, my question is, will she remember the 179 days this year I did pack her snack and lunch...or will she remember going over with her classmates to retrieve her snack box and opening it to find nothing.  Hmm.

Princesses should always have their snack.

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  1. This is timely.

    I failed to give Cody a sandwich with his snacks and drinks in his lunchbox and the school called to tell me I packed an "insufficient lunch" and that he would be eating the school lunch, a meatball sub, and that they would send me a bill.

    When Cody got home from school he gave me an earful about how I ruined his day. Hopefully this won't be one of the things that will go on the list of things that ruined his life. LOL