Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thinking Thursday - ode to coffee

I haven't always had an appreciation of coffee.  Growing up, we were only allowed soda with pizza, and the rest of the time we had water, milk or sometimes lemonade.  In college, I became a hot tea drinker - I liked the coziness of a hot drink with friends, but I didn't like coffee that much unless I added a bunch of cream/sugar to it, and I could tolerate tea black, so I figured that was better.  When I had Bailey though, I became a coffee drinker.

My mom, a 2-cup-every-morning-or-she-gets-sick coffeelover, stayed overnight with me once a week if not more after I had Bailey.  I will never forget those early mornings with her - it made getting up with the baby at 5am so much more tolerable.  She would make her instant coffee (can you imagine, that is what she drank for what, 30/40 years?!  She never had a coffee maker until maybe 2 yrs ago and I didn't have one either!!) and we'd sit on the couches and talk for hours, with sweet baby Bailey in one of our laps or in her beloved swing.  Sometimes she'd make me a hot breakfast, sometimes she'd offer to have the baby so Kev and I could sleep, sometimes she'd be doing our laundry, folding it as we talked.  But there was something so appealing to me about her calmness and energy at that early hour.  My mom is SUCH a morning person, and I am SUCH a night owl.  I wanted to switch over to her side.  (I never really did.)  And I wanted to have a cup with her, it just seemed such a warm and cozy start to the morning.

So I started having a small cup of instant with her.  It was never about the coffee, bc really, instant blows.  I didn't really know better, bc any coffee I had ever had was not great in my book.  Now I know I am a breakfast-blend kind of girl, a lighter coffee.   I don't like coffee dark, and I can't drink it black.  A bit of whole milk and flavored creamer is my preferred set-up.  I have one bigger mugful in the morning, and that's it.  I don't think of myself as addicted to the coffee, but I've become addicted to the routine.  Kevin, bless his heart, sets up my coffee for me every night, and even hits the switch in the morning so I wake to the smell.  He sets out my fave mug with a spoon in it, and if he's left for work already, with a little note.  So here again, just like my mornings with my mom, it's not the coffee so much that I love - it's the feeling it gives me.  Optimistic for the day.  Cozy, warm.  And actually, loved.

Who knew coffee could do more than give you a bit of a jolt.

*Disclaimer.  I have no idea whose pic that is of the delicious looking coffee.  It looks delicious bc it has added cream and sugar.  In any case, I would give credit to whose it is, if I knew - like the pic says, but I don't know who took it.   I looked up "pic of coffee" and this looked the part I wanted it to play.  That's all.  Someday I will have a clue, and that will be a great day.

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