Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Like many areas in my life...

I have let this blog fall by the wayside.  Sometimes I wonder if I have a touch of ADD - I take on a few things at once, one or two things too many, and then don't finish any of it.  I do what I have to do - family matters, MOPS, house stuff. But the projects I start - this blog for instance, organizing the garage, learning how to do new things like selling items online...I just keep procrastinating.  I start and then get overwhelmed, so I don't finish.  I set high goals for myself in too short of a timespan and then feel guilty when the goals aren't brought to completion, which renders me unmotivated to complete other goals.

Am I the only nutty?

Anyway, with this blog, my mind started to get ahead of itself with what I wanted to do with it.  I wanted to be a "contagious Christian" with it, and have my faith be apparent in many posts.  I wanted to teach others how to save money.  I wanted to journal my experience as a mom with special needs kids, as a way to store memories and growth, and as a tool to encourage others if possible.  I wanted to journal my experience as a woman with a lifelong food addiction, and a desire to learn and heal.  I started this blog for myself, but after some positive feedback, I started thinking about what it could be for other people.  But that's where I faltered - in my desire to help others, the blog became bigger in my mind than just a simple journal, and I put too much expectation on it.  I even thought maybe I could become a real "blogger" and make money with it!!  Some people do, and I think it's a wonderful way to earn some income while reaching out to others and learning things yourself along the way.  What I now realize, is that making the decision to be a "blogger" is at least a part-time if not full-time job to do it successfully, taking discipline, resourcefulness and creativity.

I have realized something about myself.  I am a TERRIBLE ball juggler.  I just can not do it.  I also need to learn some better time management skills.

To that end, I am going to try to maintain this blog more regularly, because I have learned it's important to me.  I want to continue, even if it's not daily as I once made a goal for myself.  I hope you'll continue reading.

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  1. This is why I usually do my regular Friday update/post and an occasional other post when something interesting has happened. And that's all. Life is full.

    Hang in there, my dear. I think you're just human, like the rest of us.