Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bad attitude

I am in a bad mood.  The top 5 reasons for my bad mood are -

*The children have really greasy hair bc my dear FIL was the one who gave them their bath after the pool last night.   I'm not sure where it went wrong, but their locks are seriously sad.  I don't know why it's bothering me, but it is.

*I checked my credit card activity and it depressed the *#%! out of me.  And now today Kevin's car is going in for the this next bill is going to hurt deep.

*My house feels like it's closing in on me with dirty clothes, wet towels, tons of art projects from their year at school that I haven't had the momentum to go through yet, dirty sheets and the regular dirt, dust, cobwebs and grime.

*Upon looking at myself in the mirror this morning with one eye peeked open (it's like when you watch a scary movie.  It's easier that way.) I surmised that my hair needs serious work.  Because of the cars bleeding us dry - and the kids expecting to eat, and who are we kidding, have money for the boardwalk -  it will have to wait.   I have a new appreciation for how happy my mom was when she would get her hair done a few times a year.  It feels awesome when you can finally go.

*I'm in a bad mood and I shouldn't be.  Which makes me feel worse.

Are you ever in a bad mood for no good reason, you're just POed and you can't shake it?

I'm going to have some coffee, get dressed, throw a load in and make a list of chores my kids can help with.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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