Sunday, June 12, 2011

Top 10 things that make me sad

Hmm a bit depressing of a title, eh?  Oh well, I feel like it.  It is my blog after all.

Tatie Tot, mad and sad...and petting mama's hair 'cause that makes her feel better.  Which makes me feel better.

1.  Anything being wrong with my babies.  I hate it.  Sometimes, I know that they will come out the other side, and will be all the stronger, or smarter...but sometimes it's just really, really tough.

2.  Thinking about my kids growing up.  Yes I know, I know...there is no avoiding it, "give them wings to fly" and all that crap.  But they're my babies.

3.  I don't watch or listen to any news...truthfully, I find everything out either on FB or Kevin telling me.  I just can't handle it.  Natural disasters, terrorists, abuse, does me in.  I don't live under a rock though, so when I do find out about something that someone else in this world has endured that is unjust or tragic, I feel sad for them.  And I thank God for my family's safety and comfort.

4.  On a completely separate note - and completely selfish and self-indulgent - I am sad that my favorite shows are over for the season.

5.  So this doesn't make me sad per se - but speaking of tv, I can't handle those Disney commercials!!  Oh my gosh - the music, the kids getting so excited, the parents' looks of joy - I want to be in Disney!!

August 2010, Chef Mickey.  Good times.  Make that awesome times.  

6.  Going to animal shelters.   I donate from time to time, and I just hope those babies get picked up by somebody awesome.  It's hard to hear the barking and meowing and not take a little one home!

7.  My waistline.  My thighs.  My backside.  My chins.  You get where I'm going with this.  It's not pretty.  But what's really sad is that when it was, I didn't know it.

8.  Commercial real estate where a farm once stood.

This picture has nothing to do with anything.  And Bailey was like, 3 years old here.  But it's one of my faves and I have no idea what she's asking for - maybe Disney?  I hear ya sister.  I think I am going to have to plant a big kiss on her sweet sleeping face in a few minutes...I mean really, how CUTE is she?!  God knew how much I love to gaze into brown he gave me 3 pairs of the deepest brown eyes you could ever see.  They melt me.
9.  Being far away from someone when I want to hug them.  That's achy breaky stuff.  Thankfully, my kids are right down the hall and I can love them up almost as much as I want to.  The school receptionist would probably look at me funny if I stopped by to call the girls out just for a I refrain myself.  Barely at times.  And then, 10 minutes after they get off their buses and are fighting already about who gets to choose the show they watch...I think, wow, school is nice.
10.  Missing.  Just that's sad.  When I miss someone, or something, wow that feels awful.

*Nothing depressing brought on the content of this post.  All of my loved ones are safe and sound, and we had a perfectly pleasant Sunday evening.

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