Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dr Zoomerman

Taylor has said for a while now that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  She is FASCINATED with so many things - from the little hairs on caterpillars, to inspecting any of our boo boos with her magnifying glass - that I really believe she could be.  Plus, she is very bright, she likes working alone, she can sit for extending periods of time "working" (I know, right?!  I don't know why she can't focus when I give her directions, but give her "homework" and she sits tight) and for some reason, I can just really see her actually being a doctor.  This is going to sound awful - brace yourselves - but I do not believe my kids can just do anything.  I don't tell them that of course, but if they were to say they wanted to be President of the United States, in my head I'd be saying, "keep dreamin', kid."  Both my girls have different gifts and abilities, and as they grow I am starting to imagine who they might grow up to be.

I picture Bailey as a mom, first and foremost, and a doting wife.  Her husband will also have to dote though, because girlfriend is a tad spoiled.  But she is so loving, affectionate, and family matters so much to her that I can easily picture her with at least a few kids, either staying at home or in a profession like teaching.  She loves to play teacher and even has a little apron with letters and numbers she wears when she is "Miss Bailey."

As I said, I really believe Tatie could be a doctor someday, and this is what she recently said.   I asked her what kind of doctor she wanted to be, like did she want to help babies come out of mommies, did she want to look at peoples booboos in the hospital, did she want to look at x-rays (she's had a few, she knows what they are).   She said, "I want to be a Zoomerman doctor."  me - "Is that a dr that goes to the zoo?  Do you want to be a vet?"  Tate - "NO Mommy, a ZOOMERMAN doctor!" (She gets easily pissed off at me if I'm not on her wavelength).  me - "Taylor, I don't know what that is, I'm sorry.  What is it?"  Tate (looking at me like I'm dumb as dirt) - "It's the doctor that, you know, zooms in - gives shot, open wide, ok ok, and zooms out."  Kevin and I couldn't help but start laughing - which further exasperated her so we quickly composed ourselves, didn't want to dream-squash, but it was SO HER.   It was just so like Taylor to not want to spend too much time with the patients, she just wants to zoom in and out.

I miss the baby days (sometimes) but now that they are getting older, I love that the girls have these moments that are just "so them."  They are growing into themselves, and I love it.  It is so like Bailey to tear up upon seeing a baby carrier seat on a stretcher at CHOP yesterday - I did too, even though we both had no clue what was wrong with the baby - but that empathy she has is so acute, so strong.  I am careful to talk to her about such things, trying to have her not be a "burden bearer" - I love her compassion but do not want her to take on the weight of the world.  I didn't much talk to her about the natural disasters occurring, like recent Joplin, bc she would have been up at night with worry.

I love my sweet Bailey, and my Dr Zoomerman.  I look forward to seeing what they do when they grow up, but I certainly can wait to see - time is already going by fast enough.


  1. So perceptive, LOVE her personality!

  2. I love this. They're getting so big! I love you, Brynn.