Thursday, June 30, 2011

I actually completed something

Since 2007 I have been working on a Mother's Journal for my girls.  It is a book that has 12 chapters in it, labeled as the months of the year, and each chapter has several questions.  The mom writes her answers and it's meant to be something that her children could someday read.  Some are poignant, like "Tell me (meaning the child to whom you are writing) about the day I was born" and some are random, like "What is your favorite holiday tradition?"  I have answered questions here and if the kids were playing in the ChickFilA play area, I would do a few so I didn't pass out from boredom.  But it has taken me over 4 years to complete it -- a few days ago I answered the last question.  I am so happy to have done it, as I would have loved something like that from my own mom or grandma.  A few of the questions were really hard to answer, I saved them for last :)  I also had the girls answer a questionnaire I wrote (future blog post about that) and I enclosed that in there, along with a few of their drawings to me, too.

Not only am I pleased it is done, I am pleased I actually fulfilled a goal through to completion.  So often I flit from this to that, leaving things 1/2 done.  As I write this, the laundry is 1/2 done, the bed is 1/2 made, 1/2 the plants watered.  I just get distracted - or bored - so easily, that I leave what I am doing for later.  I do the same with my bigger goals...and I really want to work on that.  It feels awesome to finish something!!

So for the summer I have decided that I need to block off weeks at a time to work towards specific goals.  In July I want to spend 2 weeks organizing, labeling and albuming my thousands of pictures I am behind on.  Yes I am totally old school and I get all my pics developed and then I put them in those slip-in memo albums.  Someday we will have to buy a shed to live in out back, because the kids art creations and these picture albums will overtake my house.  Anyway, also for July I need to organize my paperwork.  Receipts, bills, insurance statements, etc etc etc...ugh I dread it.  I am planning on paying the children to shred a million pieces of paper.  I will give them each $5, and they will think they won the lottery.  I never pay that much.

August will be MOPS planning and back to school stuff like organizing closets, shopping.  September will be checking myself into the loony bin once Tate starts full time school.  Ok kidding but not really.  September will also be CF walk fundraising work.

It feels more manageable breaking my goals up into blocks of time, we'll see if my ADD can take it.


  1. Since MOPS is August, I guess that means we'll be spending time together:) Even though it feels good to get things done, I still have a hard time then starting the next thing!

  2. I love your blog, Brynn. You always write something funny or profound or interesting--usually all at once. I really look forward to reading new posts.

  3. Thanks so much Jodi! Hope little Henry is doing well and you love I am sure, being a mom of 2. it is busy but oh so rewarding!! :) Lindsey - we will be bonded at the hip. You will wish you could get rid of me, but you can't. You are mine now.