Monday, June 20, 2011

Top 10 reasons why I love summer

 10.  I don't have to be dressed by 8:30 to wait for the bus outside.   I am no morning person, and prying my fingers off my coffee cup to change out of my nightie is no fun for anyone.

9.  We eat lots of salads, sandwiches and grilled yummies instead of heavy comfort food that heats up the kitchen...and adds some poundage to my waistline.  The produce of summer can't be beat either - say what you will about Jersey but we have delicious tomatoes, corn and blueberries!

8.  It takes about 2 seconds for the girls to slip on a sundress and sandals, instead of the hour it takes to bundle them up in the winter.  Plus in our small house, all those hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, etc take up too much room and I love packing it away.

7.  The feel of the sand on my feet, the sound of the ocean roar, seagulls, the laughter of my children (when they're not fighting over the "prettier" boogie board).  The smell of the saltwater and the way it feels when you run (walk in my case) into the ocean, the coolness of the water after feeling the hot sun on your back.  The taste of pizza and ice cream on the boardwalk after you've been on the beach all day.

6.  Watching my girls swim - they are so good at it, and they love it.

5.  Pool hopping - we go to our neighborhood pool, Nan and Poppy's neighborhood pool, Nana's pool and any pool that will have us.

4.  When we return from said pools, my house is exactly the way we left it (dirty, but at least not trashed.  Well, not trashed like it is at the end of a long day at home).

3.  Putting the girls to bed a bit earlier if they are exhausted from swimming, or staying up later if we are out having fun.  It doesn't matter and that's what I love about it.

2.  No homework for Bailey.

1.  Vacation!!  We take day trips a few times throughout the year, but most of our vacation time with Kevin happens in the summer.  I love when he can wear his khaki shorts (I love me some khakis on that boy) and just enjoy the day, no laptop or phones.  The night before we leave for any vacation is the best - aside from the packing which I detest - because he is so excited, like a kid.  And we always have a good time!

Poppy even gets in on the fun.  Tell me that's not pure summer joy right there.

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