Sunday, July 17, 2011

The funky smell

I am very discouraged that my Sunday afternoon is going to be all about trying to find the source of a funky smell in my downstairs.  One of the cats have peed somewhere.

Why oh why do we have 3 cats.  I know why.., but I'm not feeling it today.  So much cat hair, expense, mess...and smell.  I try so hard to keep my house from smelling like a cat-house, you know the ones where you walk in and immediately smell cat litter and cat food.  Yuck.  Friends have told me that it doesn't...and even my mother-in-law said it doesn't smell, and I think she would have told me if it did.

Today it smells.  Oh well...I think while I'm down there I'll wash the curtains, dust, clean the windows and vacuum really well.

I'll also fantasize about ripping out the carpet and throwing out our old furniture, but like I have mentioned on here, I'm trying to keep my house-fantasies under control.

Once I get the house cleaned up, I'll remember how much I love those naughty kitties, and I'll be happy again that we brought them home last October.

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