Monday, July 11, 2011

a good choice

My in-laws have season tickets to the Phillies, and so were given 4 tickets to something tonight called "Picnic at the Park."  The whole stadium was open for touring - plenty of photo ops, free food, balloons and face painting for kids, the works.  It was so much fun and a proud-to-be-a-Phillies-fan kind of night.

I almost didn't go.  But I'm so glad I did.  Before all you die-hard Phillies fans crucify me, forgive me, but this girlfriend is no die-hard fan.  Sure I like them, and a few of them are pretty to look at for sure.  I go to a couple games a season and I enjoy it - especially if it's not rainy or too hot.  Make that only if it's not rainy or too hot.  I go to games because my husband is a die-hard.  And by that I mean he'd tattoo Phillies across his chest before a picture of my face to be sure.  And tonight I went to this picnic thing because my daughters said "Puh-leaseeeee" and I'm a sucker for the drawn out please.  Kevin was going to take them with my father-in-law and I told myself it'd be a great bonding thing, I wasn't needed (as I would've been when the kids were more high maintenance) and I could get stuff done here.

I am so happy I went.  Kevin's dad went too, and it was fun seeing him enjoy the inside of the stadium.  He narrated what he was seeing into the video camera as he walked, which I always get a kick out of.  It was Taylor's first time at the stadium, and until she didn't like it at all (and turned very high maintenance and I was called to the front lines) she loved it.  She would've loved it the whole time except for the heat and crowd.  Bailey loved it too and although I know they both didn't get what we were seeing (the locker room, the dug out, home plate!!!) I think they somehow understood it was special to Kevin because they actually didn't fight me taking a million pictures of them with him.

*If I had a snazzy I-Phone, as I plan to have maybe for my birthday, there would be said picture here.*

*If you want to imagine it, it looks like this - 2 piggy-tailed girls in red heart sunglasses and Phillies jerseys.  Short shorts, Bailey in black, Taylor in white.  Tatie had a clip holding her bangs back, because we're growing them out.  2 clips actually, because Little One likes to be involved in any and all fashion decisions.  Bailey struck a pose in most pictures, until the heat got to her.  Kevin, in his Phillies shirt and Phillies cap, had a smile a mile wide.  You'd think he had just heard he won the lottery by his smile, but no, he's just standing among "his boys" lockers.*

I'm so glad I made a good choice.

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