Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's something really weird that you enjoy?

So I know I am not alone in this...but one of my favorite things to do is pop zits.  God help my girls if they have teenage acne, I will have to sit on my hands to not go at their faces.  I LOVE it.  The sound, the surprise of what's inside (ok that sounded twisted but it's true)...I love everything about it except actually HAVING a zit, at least where people can see!  Kevin knows it's a big present to me if he finds a zit somewhere on himself and lets me go at it.  Makes me SO happy.  Sometimes when I can't sleep I imagine really great zits.  (TMI?  Probably.  Definitely).

*a note about this link.  First, I am proud of myself that I even learned how to do that.  Yes, I don't have a clue normally.  Second, I googled "picture of a zit" and this site comes up, with a video of a back cyst being drained.  WHOA.  Not only was that the biggest zit I've ever seen...but I am not as into zits as I thought I was.  I feel a little sick to my stomach and I coudn't even finish watching it.  Maybe it'd be better in real life.  I also learned (from the video comments) that there's some really weird people out there that are TOO into it.  Like in a weirder way than me.  

So what's your freaky interest.  Well, I guess don't tell me if it's REALLY freaky, I might not look at you the same.  Or if it involves your significant other....this ain't that kind of post.  

But really I'm curious....anyone?

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