Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just checking

I have had a lot of really important and/or fun things going on lately, but all those things would take tired-old-me too much time to write about.  I felt like writing a little something, but not too much.

So I thought about what happened to me yesterday at the McDonald's.  It involves an old lady.  Maybe some of you remember I had a bit of a run-in with another old lady at the ShopRite several weeks ago, who admonished my Hottie Tottie for not listening to me, and standing by my cart.

I'm not sure what this old lady admonished, but I felt it.

So yesterday morning I took Bailey to McD's for breakfast as a treat on our way to CHOP.  Taylor was at my mom's camp, it was just the 2 of us.  It was 9:45 and B was really hungry.  So was I.  I ordered and had on my tray:

2 egg mcmuffins for me  (they were 2 for $3 and I was planning on saving the 2nd one for lunch - REALLY!!!!  I actually didn't even end up eating it at all, it sat in our lunchbag all day.)

3 hashbrowns - Bailey asked for 2, I wanted 1

2 small cups, B got hi-c orange, I got water

1 order of pancakes.

So we are at our table ready to sit down and Old Lady stops and says, and I quote, "She's not going to eat all that, is she?"

It caught me off guard, and I explained who-was-going-to-eat-what off our tray.

I bet she didn't believe I'd save the 2nd egg sammie for later.  That's ok, I wasn't sure myself.

Anyway, she responds, and I QUOTE, "Just checking."

Just checking what exactly?  That I wasn't going to shove the whole tray of junk food down my kid's throat?  What was she checking?

So as she walks away and my wits are coming back to me a bit, I say, "But you don't need to worry about that, do you."

She looked at me like how-dare-you and we dropped it.  But I was mad.

She didn't know we rarely frequent McD's.  ChickFilA...yes.  Perhaps biweekly...sometimes weekly.  But not McD's, it's a treat.

She didn't know Bailey was going to be having a checkup at CHOP  that day, taking hours.   If Bailey asked for McDs for breakfast, then my goodness, she is going to get it.

She didn't know that not only was Bailey spending her day at CHOP, but Bailey knew she was missing a day of VBS and that Taylor was spending her day at Nana's gymnastics camp, having fun, while she had a stick shoved down her throat, had to breathe forcefully over and over into a machine, and had to be examined by her dr, 2 nurses, the nutritionist and the physical therapist.  She didn't complain once.

She didn't know that Bailey's supposed to be gaining weight.

She didn't know it's none of her business.

So that's my story.  And guess what, Bailey had about 1/2 of her pancakes and hashbrowns.

I won't mention that yours truly finished said pancakes and hashbrowns.  What....I was emotional eating, Bailey had a CHOP appt!!


  1. yay for saying something back to her!!!! if you all wanted to eat 5 mcmuffins each it still has nothing to do with her! and what was SHE doing there herself?

    i love mcd's pancakes. really all their breakfast food.

  2. Yeah breakfast is really what they do right...and have you ever tried one of their fruit smoothies? Pretty good and the small is big enough to save some or share with the kiddies :) Yeah...I'm over it now...I have the feeling that I have MANY more times of getting looks or comments ahead of me :) And what was she doing there...BINGO. She had one small burrito wrap thing on her tray because yes, I DID look :) Maybe she was appalled at our tray bc it was mid morning and she thought we ate already? No matter...and Bailey would agree with you on the pancakes bc she loves the syrup. I only buy the real maple, McDs is junk but that's WHY she loves it!! My fave is at Cracker Barrels, have you ever? They are DELISH. xo Jodi!

  3. Just because they're older, doesn't mean they're wiser. Definitely doesn't mean they're nicer.