Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top 10 things I like about my husband

In less than a month Kev and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage.  It hasn't all been roses...I'll say it's been more like tulips.  But tulips are prettier anyway.  And once you plant them, they come back over and over.

Top 10 reasons I'm happy to wake up every morning and see that Gutelius chin.  

*A warning though...knowing Kev, you'll probably have some reasons in mind that I have missed.  But no worries - I know I've got a good man, these are just a few :)

10.  He chose me.

9.  He makes me feel loved.

8.  He loves the Lord, me and our girls.  The rest of the world - even his beloved Philadelphia teams - are at the bottom of his list.  (That being said, we don't make him choose.  Let's not try it out, ok?)

7.  We laugh together every single day.  He is REALLY funny.

6.  I have tons of notes he has left me over the years.  For our first year of marriage he left me a note every single day and I have them in an album.  Hundreds of post-its saying "Good morning Bump, I can't wait to see you tonight!"  He still leaves them sometimes, saying things like "Just hit the button for the coffee, I fed the ungrateful cats, hope you have fun with the girls today, love you!"  It is amazing how 5 seconds of scribble on a post-it that my husband leaves on the toilet makes me feel.

5.  Ok I have to go back to the funny thing.  Have you ever heard Kevin talk for the cats or our dead dog?  If you haven't, then you can't get it but he says the most hilarious, most awful things, holding up our animals and pretending that they're talking.  Well, he doesn't hold up the dead dog...he used to, bless Tanner's heart.  Now Tanner resides in a box in Kevin's nightstand and when the dead dog has to speak up, Kevin opens his nightstand drawer.  I guess this is one of these you-have-to-see-it kind of things. :)

4.  He's hot.  What...he is!

3.  He wants me to be happy.

2.  He has never once said to me, "The house is a mess, leftovers for dinner, what did you do all day?!" Not once.  In fact, he has come home so many times, catching the children as I practically throw them to him, and dives in.  Sometimes he'll surprise me and vacuum or put away laundry.  And that, my friends, is what does it for me.

1.  He gave me my 2 precious babies, the lights of my life.  I always wanted to be a mommy, and he made that happen.

I'd say I love you Kevin Andrew!  but the boy don't read my blog.  "What's a blog?!"


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  2. Hi Brynn- I'm Kristen's friend- I posted the mysteriously deleted post above as I'm try to get used to this site.. anyway, I love your list! As for #5, I can totally see it in my head and I literally laughed out loud..