Sunday, February 20, 2011

Helen and Ellen

If you get a chance, google "Helen and Ellen on Oprah."  They are 82 year old twins who run the 'Love Kitchen' - they make thousands of meals a week for the homeless and hard-up.  They even deliver to homebound seniors and the ill.  Wow these women are amazing!!!  They are the kind of women that you not only admire, you want to visit with.  You want to sit next to them and try to absorb some of their warmth, their light.  You want to be more like them.  You know what - I want you to see these women so much, right now I'm going to try to see if I can find a YouTube clip.

Okay so I couldn't find where they were on the Oprah show, but this is a clip that was also on the show. This woman Dani Johnson is a millionaire, but she used to be homeless, and she went undercover at the Love Kitchen.  She ends up giving $20,000 to them and it was so touching to see Helen and Ellen's reaction to that.  Then on Oprah, they learn Kroger grocery has donated a year's supply of food.  Oh my goodness, so heart warming!  And to think they started with just making, I think, 20 meals?  

During the Oprah episode, one of the twins - I forget which - kept calling Oprah 'honey.'  My 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Mooney, who wore long skirts and I liked seeing them twirl when she walked, called me 'honey.'  I loved her.  Bailey told me that all of her friends in her class are her friends but her teacher Mrs. Seeger is her family.  I asked, "why would you say she's family, Boo?  She's not related to us like Nan and Pop or like Uncle Andy..." and Bailey said, "Because she calls me sweetheart, and that's what you do to someone you love like family."  Oh my heart!!  This is also the child who has gotten strange looks at times because she has called her peers "honey" and "sweetie."  Really.  And I've never corrected her, even when I see she gets a look, because I think it's just the greatest thing ever.  Such tenderness.  And she'll learn soon enough -- and she has already stopped doing it a lot -- but once in a while it slips out.  And you know what?  I think a lot of kids like it.  Like her little friend Caleb, who made her a heart today out of homemade playdough in Sunday school.  He slapped it in her hand and then ran down the hallway while she called out, "I love it sweetheart, thank you!!!"

Alright, I got off topic.  Helen and Ellen.  I'm inspired.  At 82 years old I was hoping to be in old-people college (aka Assisted Living)  with Kevin, hoping our kids and many grandkids would visit us and bring us to their homes for holidays and parties.  I was hoping we'd be healthy enough to enjoy Bingo at the McDonalds with the other old bitties, and maybe head to AC on a big bus once in a while to play with the few dollars we may get from Social Security.  But look at these women, what they are doing with their life!!  I am sure everyone who meets them is blessed - they glow love from the Lord, and they are doing His work.  And I bet they would say they are blessed in return.

Helen and Ellen. 

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