Thursday, February 17, 2011


First of all, I want to thank everyone who left me a comment after my last post.  I love comments!!  Thank you for your encouragement, your words of affirmation.  Thank you for receiving me kindly.  Thank you also, for being honest with me too - a few comments echoed my thoughts of low self-worth, and it surprised me.  I wrongfully assume that just because someone is thin and beautiful, that they are content and happy with themselves.  Dear friends, what a tragedy this is.  We have these perfectly-put-together bodies designed by God, given to us to use for Him while we are here on Earth, and we mistreat it.  Whether physically or emotionally.  In my case, both.  I think as a parent - if I gave my child something that I made, just for her, perfect for her and I KNEW it - and she stared at it everyday and talked trash, and did things to it that weren't good for it...oh that would hurt my heart.

I bring this up not to make myself feel worse...or to make anyone feel worse.  I bring this up because I want to move on from it.  I want to look at myself in the mirror and thank God for my able body, for making me how He saw fit.  I want to honor Him by good choices, and righteous thoughts.  I was thinking of this last night, and here is the Scripture I saw today, posted by a friend on FB.  She doesn't know it, but God used her to give a gift to me.

I love it when He does that.  He knows I wasn't gonna pick up a Bible this morning - but I was certainly gonna check on my FB peeps.  So He showed me what He wanted to show me, in a way He knew I would respond to.  Oh, God, I feel the love.  Thank you.

Your love is stronger than my weakness.  Romans 8:39 

Wow.  I am going to cling to that Scripture for dear life. 
And just in case I had a thick skull, which I sometimes do, this song came on the radio.  It is by a Christian singer, JJ Heller.  

oh this song speaks to me.  I haven't been that boy in the corner, or the woman whose husband has left.  But I've been the murderer in jail.  No of course I haven't killed anyone, but I have felt imprisoned, and I have desperately cried out to God.  Can I hear His words to me?  Can I hear it?  I haven't been able to before, I haven't felt it.  I didn't feel worthy of it, it seemed impossible.

But it's true.  My head knows that, I want my heart to feel it.

I am praying we all feel that today.  The love of God, which is stronger than any weakness.

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  1. Amen Sister!! Preach it!! All so very true.

    The other thing I try to remember in this weight loss/self esteem journey we are all on is that our bodies are to be God's temple. If I invite the Holy Spirit to come and live in me, then I don't want to invite him to live in a broken down shack I haven't taken very good care of.

    God designed our bodies perfectly to eat according to hunger and fullness...Eat when you are hungry...stop when you are full. We have sooo messed this up! Most of the time I forget what being hungry even feels like.

    Plus He gave us foods for our enjoyment..He didn't give us chocolate and other good things to torture us but we have so abused these blessings...If we eat the way He meant for us to it would be so freeing. We could eat anything we wanted in moderation.

    The bottom line is we are pretty stubborn and disobedient children and need to get rid of piles of our own will to submit to God's design.

    Loved your scripture's another one that may help...Colossians 2:20-23

    Have a great day Brynn!
    With love,