Monday, February 28, 2011


Wow this warmer temperature is bringing such joy to me.  I think I have some seasonal depressive disorder or something, the winter sucks me dry.  I love Christmas, and Valentine's is a bit fun, but January and February generally are awful months.

Yesterday we had a gorgeous Sunday and really enjoyed being outdoors with the kids.  Today Taylor and I took a long walk before she got on the bus for school and it was heavenly.  It looks like it will rain any minute, but the air seems so crisp.  I am a Jersey girl, born and raised, but part of me always longs for wide open spaces.  I love the beauty of sitting outside and seeing only nature - trees, flowers, animals, hills, the different colors of the sky.  Maybe a gorgeous, huge old farmhouse or two.  I have always lived in neighborhoods - houses very close together and everything we need right here.  Jersey is a fabulous location with being close to beaches, Philly, NYC, DC.  We are a drive away from so many fun things to do and see.  And Jersey can be misunderstood - there is a reason why we're the Garden State.  Lovely farms still exist, beautiful agriculture.  But the areas that I have lived have been the typical NJ suburb and we are a stone's throw from our neighbors.  And it's not fun when they're not cool.  Most of our neighbors here are really nice and quiet, with the exception of one pesky dog.  For having so many homes near ours though, I wish we had more close-by neighbors with kids our girls ages.  I wish they had the same experience I had growing up - being about to go outside and go inside friends' homes.  Down our street there is a cluster of homes that have tons of young kids, we like to go hang out down there sometimes, but it's not like Bailey can run out and go to her friend's house.  But I am grateful for what I have - which is that Bailey and Taylor of course have each other, and we do have lots of children in our neighborhood  - and our wonderful church friends - just not next door.

Anyway, this weather is refreshing.  My cats love it.  I am really looking forward to spring.

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