Tuesday, February 8, 2011

thankful tuesday

Today, I am thankful for...

*The sun is shining.  NJ has been so gray, snowy, rainy, slushy, yucky.  Yesterday the girls and I were even outside for an hour with them scootering...it was no spring, but it was better than being inside.

*tv.  Is this wrong that I listed this as number 2?  You guys already know I love my fam more than the tv.  BUT I love tuesday night tv and I'm looking forward to it.

*had a great meeting this morning planning future MOPS meetings and I just love my friends on the steering team.  Such joy, encouragement, support, love.  They get me and I get them.  It's a great feeling.

*yesterday I went grocery shopping and happened to keep running into another mom there, with her severely autistic son, who was at least 8.  I wanted to hug her, desperately.  I wanted to have her over for coffee.  I wanted to hear her story and cry with her.  I did nothing, but smile at her and her son and pray.  I know nothing about her life, except that every day she wakes up to a life she never knew she'd have, and somehow she has to have the strength to get through.  What I am thankful for, is that I am not that mom.  Does that sound horrible?  Regardless, that feeling of praying for her, but being thankful I'm NOT her, has carried over into today.  I wish I had thought of a way to talk to her without offending her.

*tonight I'll meet Kev at the YMCA with the girls for them to play in the daycare while he and Iwalk a few miles together.  It's almost like a date so I'll take it.  We love the Y.

*while I type this I am watching a DVR'd Oprah and the girls are in school.  You can't get better than that.

*thankful for the feeling of thankfulness.

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