Wednesday, February 16, 2011

to be, or not to be...a cat.

These are 2 out of our 3 cats - Oreo and Cocoa.  They are brothers and they love each other desperately. Practically every day I am thankful we brought both of them home - what would one do without the other?

Our 3rd cat isn't in this picture - Maela, our original kitty - because she hates the above 2.  We followed the vet's advice about how to transition Mae to the change in our house, but she didn't buy it.  Oreo and Cocoa initially tried to play with her, involve her in their scampering and what-not, but she'd respond by swatting her little declawed paws at their faces and this excited them.  So now they do things like jump on her from behind, and surprise attack her from around corners.  This happens most often when they're hungry, which annoyingly begins around 5am.   Before you feel too badly for Maela, let me tell you that none of their antics go unpunished, and because she's a girl, she's also passive aggressive.  Her favorite so-there move is to ask to be let out and then sit on the other side of the door all cute, looking at the boys.  We don't let them out yet, and she knows how much they want out.  Tease.

Do you remember in grade school, the question of "if you could be an animal which would you be?"  This is actually a really hard question!  Don't make fun of me, hear me out.  If you're a dog, you get to go on long walks, play frisbee, swim in a just seems like it'd be a good time.  If you had good owners, that is.  A bird can fly wherever it wants and enjoy everything from a perch on a tree.  A hamster has a wheel and a brain the size of a pea, so it thinks the wheel is amazing.  A frog gets to sing and live in a lake.

But a they have it made.  Again, if they have good owners, and as I have seen with the kitties, if they have their sibling.  They snuggle and do everything at their own pace.  If they don't want to come out when you call them, they don't.  They answer to no one.  But if they feel like it, they're your BFF.

Sometimes I wish I could just ignore someone calling my name.  Sometimes I wish I could spend the day curled up with familiar softness, have my face licked and sleep the day away.  Sometimes I wish I answered to no one, unless I felt like it.

You have to admit, doesn't that sound good once in awhile?

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  1. "sometimes I wish I could just ignore someone calling my name"!


    Oh, my! Don't we all?!? Love this post!