Saturday, February 12, 2011

sometimes things work out.

Today I am thankful that my Bailey Caelyn is feeling better.  She has strep for the second time in a month, and yesterday she was so ill and sad.  It broke my heart.  But today, she is playing and laughing and that is a wonderful feeling.

This picture was taken when she was 5 in Disney, but I love it.  I love the hat, and the "Mom, really, you're taking a picture of me in this?" look on her face.  I love that little Target sundress she has on, because that was my safety outfit for her I kept rolled up in the bookbag and she's wearing it because she had just dripped ice cream all over herself.  So I loved the feeling of being the Mom who was actually prepared, versus being the Mom who wasn't -- which I've been LOTS of times.

First memory of that which comes to mind is the time I was at the Shop Rite, and Tatie was playing in the free daycare they have there.  I hear, "Mrs Gutelius, come to Scrunchies Playhouse immediately.  Mrs Gutelius, to the Playhouse, immediately."

As I hot-footed it to the daycare, many thoughts came to mind as to what the problem may be.
*Taylor told off the teacher and she'd had it.
*Taylor told off another child and the parent wanted to register a complaint with me.
*Taylor squeezed another child, shoved another child, yelled at another child.
*Taylor was screaming bloody murder for Mommy, although I think I would have heard her as far back as the dairy case.

This girl.

What didn't come to mind, which is what happened, is that Tatie pooped her pants.  Not a lot, but enough.  She told me she thought it would "just be a beanie, but oops, poopie came out.  WIPE MEEEEEEEE!"

So I left my 1/2 full cart and took her to the bathroom.  I had no spare unders with me, so I had a dilemma.  Do I wipe her up and put her back in the daycare, commando under her leggings?  Is that really really wrong?  How do I talk Taylor into my plan, when the girl doesn't do well with change, and having no unders on is a BIG change?  And how do I get her to keep it a secret so the daycare workers don't think I'm nasty, when the girl also NEVER STOPS TALKING?!

This story has a happy ending.  I bribed Taylor to the hilt after pretending that it was a really funny game, and she did it.  Or she didn't, and the daycare workers still think I'm a nasty mom who'd rather finish her shopping than take her child home to be properly under-ed.

Regardless, I didn't have to make a whole separate trip back to get my milk, bread and fruit snacks.  yes, I'm also that mom that buys fruit snacks, (is it better that they're no-high fructose corn syrup ones?!  Please say it's better).

I wonder what my kids will think someday, thinking back on these memories, if they can in fact, remember.  Will they laugh at the times we were on a walk and I let them pee like boys in the woods, or will they wonder why I didn't take them to the potty first?  I'll tell you why - because I forget.  Sometimes, 7 years into this Mommy-gig, I still feel like I am completely winging it, completely unprepared for anything that happens on any given day.

But sometimes, like with Bailey in that picture in her safety dress, I'm reminded that I have a day or two where I do have a clue.  That's a great feeling.

But not as great as the feeling I have right now, watching Bailey and Taylor laugh and play, knowing all is right with Bailey's world, that she is feeling better.  When your child is ill, you'd give anything to make her better and it's awful when you're helpless and can't snap your fingers and make it right.  I'm so happy this is a good day for her.

Hoping you have a good day today as well.

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