Thursday, March 3, 2011

a money goal

I am into couponing. 

And by 'into' I mean I love it.  I am still learning, but over the past year I have cut our grocery/eating out//etc budget by 1/2.  My goal is to do even better this year, and I am really excited about March.  I am excited because I have a goal of only spending $100 OOP (out of pocket) for eating out and grocery.  I can't wait to see how close to this number I can get.  Over the last 2 weeks I have spent around $250 (that is high for me now) between the drugstores and grocery - but I have $136 in catalinas for Shop Rite (the simple explanation of a catalina is that it's like a gift card you get for buying certain products) to spend over the next 4 weeks, $10 in UP rewards for Rite Aid, and $12.50 for CVS.  I am very stocked with all of our grocery, household and toiletry needs, so my goal is to make that money stretch to buy dairy, produce and lunch meats as needed.  I wanted my goal to be less, but we are going out a few times already that I know of, so I plan for that to be eating-out money.  

I gave a talk this week at my MOPS group on couponing and I was so encouraged to hear the positive feed-back from other moms feeling empowered to learn the system.  It is the best part time job!!  I do it when I want, for as long as I want, and it enables me to help others at the same time!! I love giving stuff away - high quality name brand - that I get for free -- or even better when the stores pay me!!  

Ok I'll stop now.  I'm even annoying myself going on and on about this.  But just like my battle with my weight, I wanted to become accountable for my financial goals.  $100 for the month of March.  

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