Monday, April 4, 2011

Mommy Monday - how Tatie is doing

Tatie's not doing so hot.

I don't know what the problem is, but she's been very unregulated.  Unregulated is a term in the SPD world that basically means out of sorts, discombobulated, and for Tatie it means she's even more sensitive than normal.  Highly, crazy sensitive.  The least little thing will set her off, and she can throw a tantrum, or wail, or shake and try to bite anything thats near her mouth.  Thankfully, not people - I'm saying that if she's near a jacket hanging on a hook, she'll bite it.  Then it takes her F.O.R.E.V.E.R to calm down.

Last week her teacher wrote  me a note saying Taylor's been having a hard time at school, and she thinks she's addicted to playing Mario on the Wii.  I had noticed Taylor not doing well and had not correlated it to the Wii, but I cut back her time on it, and she hasn't even seemed to notice.  So I really don't know what to think - and of course she can't articulate her feelings enough to tell me.  I tried talking to her last night about it, as I was scratching her back, which usually "regulates" her and she can communicate better.  But it upset her, and there she was again, crying and yelling at me to never ask her what's wrong, stop talking at me, just scratch me....

I am grateful - SO grateful - that Taylor does not have a deeper problem than she has.  It is very frustrating with her SPD, but I know it could be so much worse.  But it still is not easy!!!  I see her compared to her same age peers and while sometimes she appears so "normal", other times the difference is glaring.  And people see it - the looks she gets sometimes break my heart.  I used to say in her "hay day" that I wished she could wear a shirt that said, "I'm a work in progress and YOU ARE TOO."  Because nobody's perfect.  Some people must think they are I guess.  Or they don't have compassion or understanding.  Or it makes them feel good about themselves, or their kids, to look down upon someone else.

Anyway, I have to put Taylor back on a sensory diet, and it may not be pretty for awhile.  But after her adjustment, it will make her feel a lot better.  Her sensory diet would include a strict schedule of daily activities, more strenuous physical activities, and brushing her body from head to toe every 2 hours with a sensory brush.  She's going to rebel, and cry even more than she has been, but I know now it's time to do it again.  I tried thinking she was having just a few bad days, but it's more than that...I wish I knew why.

Between Bailey's treatments, Taylor's sensory diet, regular daily life, starting the CF fundraising, being the MOPS coordinator...I feel tired emotionally and I want to light my to-do list on fire.  The weather is GORGEOUS today, so I know being outside with the girls will really be nice.  That breeze feels sooo good!

And venting like this makes me feel good too.  I can't wait for Taylor to feel better and I hope I can help her.  Because a happy Tatie Tot makes the world a much better place. :)


  1. You will always find sympathy here. I just had to pick Alex up at school because he was so angry for being required to take a bathroom break that he peed all over himself, head to foot. And Miranda's home with a mysterious fever. So my To Do list just got canceled, anyway. Dang.

  2. Aw sweetie I am so sorry that Tatie is struggling. I know that all chidren go through these ups and downs, different stages that take a toll on them. There are days that we recognize a behavior (back talk, not listening, being mean to a sibling) has taken over and we have to go back to being super strict. I would imagine you are seeing somthing similar with Tatie right now, only with SPD it is louder and more "in your face" than with some children. I am going to rejoice that you have a strategy, good people and good schools to help Tatie and support you through this "stage". Just yell if you need anything.

  3. Thanks for understanding girls!!